Caleb Williams One of the Best QB Prospects of the Past Several Years, According to NFL Draft Analyst

According to a tenured and high-profile NFL Draft analyst, USC quarterback Caleb Williams may be one of the best prospects of the last five years.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams is one of the most heavily anticipated QB prospects in recent memory, and high-profile NFL Draft analysts are in agreement that he’s one of the gems of the 2024 class. One analyst will put him up with top quarterbacks from years past, too.

Caleb Williams ‘Up There With Any’ Recent First-Round QB Prospects

When a prospect throws for 8,170 yards, 72 touchdowns, and just 10 interceptions in two years at a major program, while also winning the Heisman Trophy, that in and of itself is an incredible résumé.

That said, Williams’ appeal as a 2024 NFL Draft prospect goes beyond the stats, and that’s clear with every NFL Draft analyst who mentions his name. During a recent conference call with the media, NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah was the latest to heap praise on Williams and his professional-grade tools.

When asked about the top QB prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft and how they rank for him, Jeremiah was quick to confirm that Williams is the passer at the top of his list. He also acknowledged stylistic similarities between Williams and the QB who has taken over the NFL since being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Caleb, to me, is the top guy,” Jeremiah said. “When we look at him specifically, compared to guys from the past — based on pure talent, you can put him up there with any of the guys we’ve had.

“You don’t want to compare him to Patrick Mahomes, but just with the way he plays with the creativity, the flair, the throws he can make extending plays, there are some similarities there.”

Similarities between Williams and Mahomes were also drawn by ESPN’s Matt Miller during his own conference call on Wednesday. But Jeremiah went a step further and looked at Mahomes’ collegiate career in relation to Williams’.

Jeremiah noted that Williams and Mahomes also dealt with similar circumstances. In particular, both played on teams with lackluster defensive units and constantly had to press the gas and produce to compensate.

“I think [Mahomes’] situation at Texas Tech was very similar to Caleb’s at USC,” Jeremiah expanded. “Mahomes’ last year at Texas Tech, they were 128th in scoring defense. This past year, USC was 121st.”

Jeremiah also added that when the Trojans allowed less than 34 points in Williams’ collegiate career, he was undefeated, going 12-0 in those circumstances.

While Williams has been praised for his creation ability and playmaking upside, he’s sometimes criticized for always seeking the big play and generating unnecessary chaos.

Jeremiah, however, cited these circumstances as a potential source for Williams’ big-game hunting tendency and expressed optimism that he’ll be able to tone down his game in the NFL.

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Williams already has the high-level talent to be a top NFL starter. If he can learn to play with more control and discretion, the sky could be the limit.

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