Report: Caleb Williams To Enter 2024 NFL Draft Without an Agent

According to reports, USC QB and 2024 NFL Draft prospect Caleb Williams will not have an agent this cycle. Will this decision affect his stock?

USC QB Caleb Williams is the most heavily anticipated quarterback prospect since 2021, but he’ll be entering the 2024 NFL Draft without representation. Here’s more on Williams’ choice as he draws closer to his NFL transition.

Caleb Williams Will Enter 2024 NFL Draft Without Agent

According to an article by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Williams will be entering the 2024 NFL Draft without an agent to represent him.

Florio cited a list of NFL Draft-eligible players and their agents that was published by the NFL Players Association on Wednesday. The list did not have Williams’ name on it, and Florio confirmed with sources that the USC QB has not hired an agent.

Pro Football Network was able to obtain that list and can confirm that Williams was not named in the document.

Williams will presumably represent himself as the 2024 NFL Draft process commences, and his father, Carl Williams, will likely be involved in that process as well.

The last high-profile quarterback who represented himself in the lead-up to the NFL Draft was Baltimore Ravens two-time MVP Lamar Jackson, who ended up falling to No. 32 overall and the final selection in Round 1.

Williams’ Talent Provides Stability for 2024 NFL Draft Stock

While there aren’t many precedents to compare Williams to in this situation, a fall similar to Jackson’s shouldn’t be expected. Williams is widely regarded as a QB1 candidate in the 2024 NFL Draft, and for many, he’s in a tier alone with Drake Maye at the top of the position.

The most pressing question is whether or not Maye ends up challenging Williams for the No. 1 overall pick. On PFN’s latest 2024 NFL Draft Big Board, Maye and Williams are No. 2 and No. 3 overall, respectively. If the NFL has them that close, proper representation for Maye could make a difference.

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Nevertheless, Williams is a special creative presence at the QB position, with the playmaking ability and natural talent to elevate an NFL offense. He’s well established at the top of the board, so we might not see the effects of his agency decision until much further down the road.

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