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    Big Ten Scouting Reports for 2021 NFL Draft

    2021 NFL Draft | Big Ten Scouting Reports: Purdue

    For information on Purdue linebacker Derrick Barnes, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

    Grant Hermanns NFL Draft Scouting Report | Offensive Tackle

    Positives: Large college left tackle who projects to the right side. Bends his knees, works to block with leverage, and correctly places his hands into defenders. Keeps his feet moving, makes proper use of angles, and rides opponents from their angles of attack. Strong, stays square, and easily seals defenders from the action.

    Negatives: Overextends into blocks, struggles to adjust, and cannot hit a moving target. Heavy-footed and lacks lateral blocking range.

    Analysis: Hermanns was productive as well as durable for Purdue and has terrific size as well as growth potential. He lacks the agility necessary to stay at left tackle but is a developmental right-side prospect who should, at the very least, make a practice squad next fall.

    Lorenzo Neal NFL Draft Scouting Report | Defensive Tackle

    Positives: One time highly-rated defensive tackle who watched his game fall off the past three seasons. Explosive, gets leverage on opponents, and displays solid change-of-direction skills. Moves well laterally, uses his hands to protect himself, and keeps his feet moving. Flashes power in his lower body and the ability to bull rush opponents off the ball.

    Negatives: Looked very heavy last season. Consistently controlled at the point by a single opponent. Poor pass rusher.

    Analysis: Neal looked as though he had the skill to be a middle-round pick early in his Purdue career, yet he never capitalized on his early success. He’s a big-bodied, zero-technique tackle who shows good movement skills but played uninspired football during the second half of his college career.

    For information on Purdue WR Rondale Moore, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

    Tyler Coyle NFL Draft Scouting Report | Safety

    Positives: UConn transfer who is best defending the run and playing downhill. Quick to read and diagnose, fires up the field, and is effective when the action is in front of him. Displays a burst to the action, works hard to get involved, and wraps up tackling. Effectively times his pass defenses.

    Negatives: Slow recognizing routes in coverage. Lacks speed to the sidelines. Does not always take proper angles.

    Analysis: Coyle is an efficient run-defending safety but lacks great range and cover skills. He’s a strong safety who must stand out on special teams.

    2021 NFL Draft | Rutgers

    For information on Rutgers safety Brendon White, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

    Michael Dwumfour NFL Draft Scouting Report | Defensive Line

    Positives: Explosive 3-technique tackle with marginal upside. Possesses solid first-step quickness, plays with great pad level, and consistently gets leverage on opponents. Works his hands throughout the action, gets a lot of momentum going up the field, and possesses a closing burst. Displays good hand technique.

    Negatives: Small-area lineman who cannot get outside the box or make plays in pursuit. Easily handled at the point by a single blocker or engulfed by opponents.

    Analysis: Dwumfour elevated his game last season and was a force on the Rutgers’ defensive line, but he comes with marginal size and growth potential. While he projects as a 3-technique, he does not show the great athleticism or lateral range you want at the position.

    2021 NFL Draft | Wisconsin

    Cole Van Lanen NFL Draft Scouting Report | Offensive Line

    Positives: College left tackle who is best in a small area. Stays square, keeps his feet moving, and shows strength at the point. Correctly places his hands into opponents and steers them from the action. Stays square and out-positions defenders. Strong run blocker with the ability to turn defenders off the line.

    Negatives: Doesn’t sink his butt at the line of scrimmage. Heavy-footed and minimally effective blocking in motion. Lacks footwork, agility, and lateral blocking range.

    Analysis: Van Lanen is a strong, wide-bodied blocker with possibilities at right tackle or guard. He lacks starting potential at the next level but could be an inexpensive utility blocker.

    Eric Burrell NFL Draft Scouting Report | Safety

    Positives: Tough run-defending safety with average size. Quick up the field defending the run, wraps up tackling, and brings opponents down in space. Plays heads-up football and keeps the action in front of him.

    Negatives: Possesses just an average closing burst, marginal range, and poor play speed. Run-first safety who blows coverage assignments.

    Analysis: Burrell is a hard-working college defender with average upside and athleticism for the next level.

    Garrett Groshek NFL Draft Scouting Report | Running Back

    Positives: Hard-charging ball carrier and solid pass catcher with average size and play speed. Keeps his feet moving, gets a lot of momentum going, and falls forward when tackled. Finds the running lanes, turns upfield, and consistently runs north and south. Helps the quarterback sell ball fakes. Solid pass catcher who makes the reception away from his frame.

    Negatives: Plays to one speed and lacks a burst. Displays limited skill outside the tackles.

    Analysis: Groshek is a tough, downhill ball carrier with average size for his style. He lacks great upside, but the versatility to catch the ball out of the backfield and play on coverage units will help his cause to make it at the next level.

    For information on Wisconsin defensive lineman Isaiahh Loudermilk, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

    Mason Stokke NFL Draft Scouting Report | Fullback

    Positives: Average-sized fullback who is effective handling the ball. Runs with power and aggression, displays himself to be a solid pass catcher, and possesses good eye/hand coordination. Bends his knees, blocks with leverage, and gives effort blocking.

    Negatives: Must improve his blocking balance. Lacks any semblance of play speed in his game.

    Analysis: Stokke was a solid multipurpose ball handler and blocker for Wisconsin but comes with marginal physical skills and limited upside.

    For information on Wisconsin cornerback Rachad Wildgoose, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

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