Baylor 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Connor Galvin, Ben Sims, and Christian Morgan

How many of Baylor's 2023 NFL Draft prospects will be selected this year as we look at the scouting reports for their top prospects?

We have seen a recent mixed history when it comes to Baylor NFL Draft prospects, and the 2023 group looks like it could have just one or two players drafted. Let’s take a look at the scouting reports for Baylor’s top seven prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Baylor 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Ben Sims, TE

Strengths: Big, efficient tight end who gets the most from his ability. Strong blocker who remains disciplined with assignments and turns defenders off the line. Stays square, seals opponents from the action, and works hard through the whistle.

Displays terrific blocking vision and gets a pad on opponents. Consistent hands catcher who snatches the ball away from his frame. Uses the sidelines well, adjusts to the errant throw, and grabs the ball in contorted positions. Sells routes, turns it upfield after the reception, and keeps the play in bounds after the catch.

Weaknesses: Plays like an average athlete. Lacks speed, quickness, and a burst.

Overall: Sims was consistent as both a pass catcher and blocker, but he lacks next-level speed and athleticism. His style and approach could help him make a depth chart as a third tight end.

Christian Morgan, S

Strengths: Three-year starter who comes with an upside. Tracks the pass in the air, effectively times pass defenses, and has a nice move to the throw. Displays good recognition in coverage, gets vertical, and competes to defend throws. Fires upfield and gives effort stopping the run. Displays a closing burst.

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Weaknesses: Not quick moving in reverse and must improve his backpedal. Not a surehanded tackler. Doesn’t always take proper angles to the action.

Overall: Morgan has been a serviceable safety at Baylor over the past three seasons and possesses the measurables to play on Sundays if he can continue to improve.

Connor Galvin, OT

Strengths: Tall, intelligent college left tackle who projects to the right side on Sundays. Blocks with lean, makes outstanding use of body positioning, and seals defenders from the action. Incredibly effective with his hands, explosive at the point, and makes good use of blocking angles. Fundamentally sound, keeps his feet moving, and shows great awareness. Explosive run blocker who turns opponents from the line. Anchors in pass protection.

Weaknesses: Possesses short arms for a tackle. Needs to get a little stronger and fill out his frame. Not overly nimble or effective blocking in motion.

Overall: Galvin is an outstanding position blocker with great length and growth potential. His 32.5-inch arms and limited athleticism are concerns, but Galvin’s intensity and intelligence will help him catch on as a utility lineman.

Want more information on Galvin? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Dillon Doyle, LB

Strengths: Smart, hard-working linebacker with average next-level athleticism. Instinctive, keeps the action in front of him, and takes good angles. Efficient, moves well in lateral pursuit, and chases the action hard. Breaks down well and effectively uses his hands to protect himself. Quickly changes direction and wraps up tackling. Immediately locates the ball handler and flies around plays.

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Weaknesses: Gets the most from his ability but possesses average physical skills and limited speed. Doesn’t get great depth on pass drops or cover a lot of area.

Overall: Doyle is a tough and stout two-down run defender with a great understanding of the game. He lacks upside, but he could be a special-teams ace.

Grant Miller, G

Strengths: Three-year starter who began his college career at Vanderbilt. Hard-working, small-area blocker who bends his knees, blocks with leverage, and shows outstanding vision. Keeps his head on a swivel, works with linemates, and always looks for someone to hit. Fires off the snap into blocks, quickly gets his hands into opponents, and keeps his feet moving. Stays square and rides defenders from their angles of attack.

Weaknesses: Struggles adjusting. Overpowered at the point and doesn’t finish blocks. Limited upside.

Overall: Miller was a hard-working and durable college lineman, but he lacks size and athleticism for the next level.

Mark Milton, CB

Strengths: Athletic cornerback who displayed improvement in his game over the past three years. Quick pedaling in reverse, fluid flipping his hips, and has a nice move to the throw. Tracks the pass in the air, has a burst out of his plant, and quickly closes to the action. Does a solid job covering receivers on crossing patterns. Remains disciplined with assignments and effective in zone.

Weaknesses: Displays average deep speed. Struggles getting off blocks. Bites on receivers’ moves, which leads to blown coverages. Has just one interception over the past four seasons.

Overall: Milton possesses next-level size and speed and has flashed ability on occasion, but he really needs to pull together a complete game. He showed signs of progress last season and is worth stashing on a practice squad this fall.

Siaki Ika, DT

Strengths: Big, powerful 0-technique lineman who projects to nose tackle. Fires off the snap with an explosive first step, keeps his feet moving, and easily holds his ground. Overruns blockers to penetrate the line of scrimmage, works his hands throughout the action, and plays through the whistle.

Bends his knees and consistently gets leverage on opponents. Easily occupies two or three blockers at a time. Agile for a big man, quickly locates ball handlers, and slides off blocks to make the tackle in run defense.

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Weaknesses: Small-area defensive lineman who cannot get down the line or outside the box in pursuit. Average pass rusher. Must develop more moves and become quicker disengaging from blocks.

Overall: Ika is a hard-nosed DT who is best occupying gaps and blockers. While he shows some ability to make plays against the run, Ika is a bit one-dimensional. Ika is scheme-specific, but in the right system, he can be dominant at the next level.

Want more information on Ika? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Siaki Ika, DT, Baylor | NFL Draft Scouting Report

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