Atlanta Falcons Schedule 2021: Dates, times, win/loss prediction for 17-game schedule

What is the Atlanta Falcons’ 2021 NFL schedule, how many times will we see them in primetime games, and who are the toughest and easiest opponents on their schedule?

Atlanta Falcons Preseason Schedule

All times listed below are Eastern Time.

PS1: vs. Titans | 7 PM
PS2: at Dolphins | 7 PM
PS3: vs. Browns | 8 PM

Atlanta Falcons Schedule | 2021 Regular Season

All days are Sunday unless otherwise noted. All times listed below are Eastern Time.

Week 1: vs. Eagles | 1 PM | FOX
Week 2: at Buccaneers | 4:05 PM | FOX
Week 3: at Giants | 1 PM | FOX
Week 4: vs. Washington | 1 PM | FOX
Week 5: vs. Jets (London) | 9:30 AM | NFLN
Week 6: Bye
Week 7: at Dolphins | 1 PM | FOX
Week 8: vs. Panthers | 1 PM | FOX
Week 9: at Saints | 1 PM | FOX
Week 10: at Cowboys | 1 PM | FOX 
Week 11: vs. Patriots | 8:20 PM | FOX/NFLN/Amazon
Week 12: at Jaguars | 1 PM | CBS
Week 13: vs. Buccaneers | 1 PM | FOX
Week 14: at Panthers | 1 PM | FOX
Week 15: at 49ers | 4:05 PM | CBS
Week 16: vs. Lions | 1 PM | FOX
Week 17: at Bills | 1 PM | FOX  
Week 18: vs. Saints | 1 PM | FOX

How many primetime games do the Falcons play in 2021?

The Falcons have one primetime game, which will be in Week 11 against the Patriots.

When is the Falcons’ bye week?

The Falcons’ bye week is Week 6.

Falcons’ strength of schedule and win/loss prediction

The Falcons’ 2021 schedule ranks among the more average in the NFL in terms of difficulty. They are slightly on the easier side, tied for the 13th-easiest in the league with the Green Bay Packers. Their home schedule (fourth easiest) is significantly easier based on Vegas win totals than their road schedule (eighth toughest).

Toughest opponents

In the 2021 NFL season, the Falcons will play just three games against teams projected to win double-digit games. Two of those will come against Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the Buffalo Bills making up the third matchup.

In 2020, the Falcons were beaten twice in three weeks by the Buccaneers. However, in the first matchup in Week 15, the Falcons gave Tampa Bay a real scare. The Falcons led 17-0 at halftime and 24-7 with 7:34 remaining in the second half before imploding.

The second game was in Week 17 when the Falcons were essentially checked out on the season. What this goes to show is that the Falcons will not fear facing the Buccaneers. This is a tough game on paper, but the Falcons saw that they can have success against Tampa Bay last season.

The matchup with the Bills may be the hardest NFL matchup on the Falcons’ schedule in 2021. In truth, a trip to Buffalo is never easy. The fanbase is passionate, and whenever you travel there, weather can play a factor. If it isn’t snowing or raining then the wind can come into play. For a team that plays in a dome, games in an open stadium with as changeable weather as Buffalo are always tough to deal with.

Easiest opponents

The Falcons will face four NFL teams projected to win under seven games during their 2021 schedule. Three of those come on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions.

Anytime you can avoid a potential wet, cold, or windy trip to New York or Philadelphia it is always a bonus. The Falcons’ offense should be able to have a good day against all three of those teams in the controlled conditions within the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Atlanta’s road game against the Jacksonville Jaguars will not cause them any sleepless nights. Even if Trevor Lawrence plays well as a rookie, the conditions should be ideal for Atlanta. The Falcons are used to playing in the heat, and outside of rain, there is not much in the way of inclement weather in Jacksonville.

2021 season prediction

The Falcons divisional matchups on their schedule will determine where they finish within the NFL standings in 2021. As a division, the NFC South is intriguing.

Will teams catch up to the Buccaneers after a full season of tape? Will the Panthers improve or will there be growing pains with Sam Darnold? What will the Saints’ offense look like without Drew Brees?

If the Falcons can go 3-3 or 4-2 within their division, then their schedule sets up nicely for them to get close to the eight or nine-win mark. The rest of the schedule, especially at home, shapes up nicely for the Falcons to make some waves. However, road games against the Cowboys, 49ers, Dolphins, and Bills are likely going to make it tough for the Falcons to be a playoff team in 2021.

Projected 2021 record: 8-9

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