Mellor’s 2-round 2023 NFL Mock Draft: C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young, and Will Levis go in the first nine picks

This iteration of a 2023 NFL Mock Draft is headlined by four signal-callers hearing their names called in the top 10 picks.

2023 2-round NFL Mock Draft | Round 2, Picks 49-64

49) Tennessee Titans: Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama

Another tight end off the board in this draft as Cameron Latu heads to Tennessee. The big man had a breakout season last year, offering his young quarterback a valuable pass-catching asset in the short area of the field. Latu is no stranger to making plays in big-play moments and has plenty of after-the-catch ability to be a top target for whoever is throwing passes in 2023 for the Titans.

50) Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Vorhees, G, USC

Andrew Vorhees has played a bevy of positions for the USC Trojans over the past few seasons. In fact, he’s played snaps at every position except center since he joined the program back in 2017. The only thing holding him back is his age at this point, but he’ll be NFL-ready once his name is called, cracking the top 50 in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

51) Minnesota Vikings: Antonio Johnson, CB, Texas A&M

As mentioned, the new prototype for an NFL cornerback is large with speed to burn. That’s Antonio Johnson as the ridiculously-long Texas A&M defensive back makes plays on the ball that few can. He lacks nothing when it comes to speed and has oily hips to stick and move with receivers.

52) Arizona Cardinals: Robert Scott Jr., OT, Florida State

Versatility and youth along the offensive line is the name of the game for the Cardinals here, grabbing Florida State’s Robert Scott Jr. With an ability to play either tackle position, Scott comes with a growing skill in pass protection and plenty of ability on the ground. He immediately offers an influx of talent and upgrades the Cardinals line after the 2022 season.

53) Baltimore Ravens: Joey Porter Jr., CB Penn State

The mantra keeps on — big cornerbacks take center stage in this mock draft. Joey Porter — at 6’2″ — is the new type defenses will be looking for. He’s great in coverage, showcasing growth as his Penn State career has gone on. Baltimore secures their next nickel cornerback with the ability to push outside as early as Year 1.

54) Cincinnati Bengals: Jarrett Patterson, C, Notre Dame

Yet another center prospect gone in the first two rounds, Jarrett Patterson showcases just how important good center play is to an offense. Patterson has plenty of ability both on the ground and in pass protection, but his leadership skills are evidenced whenever you put on the Notre Dame tape.

55) Cleveland Browns: Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame

The Cleveland Browns get into the action by grabbing Isaiah Foskey from Notre Dame. The big man from Notre Dame is a menacing force off the edge, presenting a high motor and terrific finishing ability. Foskey has the elusive bend/strength combination and would do well with being tasked with just rushing the passer in Year 1.

56) Dallas Cowboys: Arik Gilbert, TE, Georgia

Despite rumors of heavy weight gain this past year and without a snap played in 2021, Arik Gilbert has a natural pass-catching ability. His transfer to Georgia should pay dividends as he’ll be featured heavily in the Bulldogs’ short-area passing game. If he returns to form and keeps his weight down, he should very well become the player that once saw incredibly high expectations.

57) Los Angeles Chargers: Rashad Torrence II, S, Florida

The Chargers need nothing but depth and insurance at this point in our 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Rashad Torrence II gives them just that but in spades. He’s a great coverage defender as he patrols the short area of the field very well. He’ll close space in both facets and has enough speed to keep plays from breaking over the top. Torrence is a near-tailormade strong safety at the NFL level.

58) Seattle Seahawks: DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas

Back for his fifth season in Austin, DeMarvion Overshown patrols the middle of the field very well. Needing to work on his tackling technique — that’s coachable — Overshown is a three-down linebacker who can play plus-snaps in all three phases.

59) San Francisco 49ers: Nehemiah Pritchett, CB, Auburn

Another long cornerback is off the board as Nehemiah Pritchett heads to the San Francisco 49ers. Pritchett plays even longer than he stands and limits everything in his coverage with keen instincts and terrific movement.

60) Green Bay Packers: Zion Nelson, OT, Miami (FL)

Zion Nelson proved in 2021 that his much-improved play in 2020 was no fluke. As such, if he can do the same thing this fall, Nelson could potentially even crack the first round. He’s become a much more advanced pass protector while also dominating on the ground.

61) Los Angeles Rams: Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor

One of the most experienced players in this draft class, Connor Galvin is back for his fifth year of starting duties on the left side for Baylor. With new offensive line coach Eric Mateos improving Galvin’s game in 2021, the sky is the limit for the physically dominant and incredibly well-balanced left tackle.

62) Kansas City Chiefs: Gervon Dexter, DT, Florida

There aren’t many people in this world who can stand as tall as Gervon Dexter and move the way he does. At a menacing 6’6″ and 300-plus pounds, Dexter is able to take the middle by himself on any defensive line. He also offers excellent skill in every facet while excelling at the most important: rushing the passer.

63) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jaren Hall, QB, BYU

The only things that holds Jaren Hall back from becoming a first-round quarterback here are his age and subsequent injury history. As he’ll be 25 when his name is called in the 2023 NFL Draft, he’ll have to be NFL-ready from the get-go.

The Bucs have the luxury of sitting back and seeing what Brady will do yet again, but if Brady does retire, they can secure their future starting quarterback in Round 2. Hall has incredible arm strength and the ability to make any throw on the field.

64) Buffalo Bills: Javion Cohen, G, Alabama

Buffalo has to get a bit younger on the offensive line over the next few seasons. Grabbing Javion Cohen with the last pick of the second round in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft seems like a no-brainer. Cohen kicked to left guard last season, rarely missing a snap or an assignment. If he improves his pass protection, he can rise in the interior line rankings easily.


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