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    XFL DFS Picks Week 8: Top Lineup Includes Abram Smith, Lucky Jackson, and Ben DiNucci

    Are you setting a DFS lineup for a 50/50 or tournament competition? Here are our top Week 8 XFL DFS picks.

    If you’re looking for Week 8 XFL DFS picks, then you’ve come to the right place. Focusing on the two Sunday contests, we’ve analyzed each team’s highest-probability game scripts to assess the most likely outcomes, including which players are in line to thrive more than anticipated or fall short of expectations.

    The following recommended DraftKings lineup (for tournaments, 50/50, or head-to-head competitions) aims to lock in a relatively high floor while maximizing upside. Whatever you decide, good luck.

    XFL DFS Considerations

    Last week, my recommended DFS lineup finished in the top 4% of tournament play. It marked my fourth top 5% finish of the season out of eight contests. Grouped with a Week 5 tournament victory versus a few thousand opponents, it’s been a good year on the DFS front.

    Of course, humility and sports betting go hand in hand. We’re only as smart as our last bet — or at least, that’s how it feels sometimes. For example, my Week 6 DFS performance was atrocious. As I wrote last week, “learn from it, and move on.”

    My Week 7 DFS recommendation resulted in the No. 2 scoring QB, the No. 2 RB, three of the top seven WRs, and the No. 1 D/ST. It was enough to dominate, in part because the No. 1 QB, No. 1 RB, and No. 1 WR weren’t rostered by many people. They flew under the radar as high-risk, low-reward options.

    Sometimes, our DFS success is driven as much by our own insights as by opponents’ inadvertent missteps and bad luck.

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    This Sunday’s matchups consist of a likely high-scoring affair and a likely low-scoring one. Of course, anything can happen. But my DFS slate leans heavily into the Sea Dragons vs. Defenders, which I believe will yield 50+ combined points.

    Because Seattle and DC aren’t ordinary XFL teams. The former has won five straight contests on 23.2 points per game. Their “star” QB leads the league in turnovers. The Sea Dragons have left buckets of potential points on the field. If he can rein in these mistakes, Seattle could hit 30+ on a DC squad that was just torched by Orlando.

    Meanwhile, the Defenders lead the league with 29.6 points per game. No other team matches their offensive prowess, period. A recent uptick in passing-game proficiency has transformed this once run-dominant franchise into the XFL’s most complete team. Seattle’s middling pass rush, combined with only five forced turnovers, should open the floodgates for the hungry Defenders, who can clinch a postseason berth with a win.

    The other Sunday game isn’t as alluring, at least in the DFS world. The San Antonio Brahmas just sent their latest starting QB to injured reserve and may be forced to return to Jack Coan. They already had arguably the league’s worst offense. I don’t see it suddenly breaking out, even against the slumping Houston Roughnecks.

    Speaking of Houston, a 4-0 start has devolved into a 4-3 record and a must-win game versus the 2-5 Brahmas. Because if San Antonio (and Arlington) win this week, the Roughnecks would be in must-win territory to reach the postseason.

    With Brandon Silvers on the shelf, Cole McDonald will draw the start — although he might have even if Silvers had been healthy. Still, what the Brahmas lack in offense, they make up for on defense. This is a tough unit to crack. McDonald will have his work cut out for him, especially with No. 1 WR Jontre Kirklin out for the year.

    Top DraftKings DFS Picks for XFL Week 8

    Today, we’re playing DraftKings’ “XFL Classic,” which includes one QB, one RB, two WRs, two WR/TEs, and one D/ST.

    QB Ben DiNucci, Sea Dragons ($12,000)

    It’s between Ben DiNucci and the reasonably cheaper Jordan Ta’amu ($9,800). While those $2,200 savings could come in handy, I’m rolling with the highest-upside play.

    Although we should be justifiably concerned about a DC defense that’s produced 21 sacks and 15 turnovers, we can feel confident that DiNucci will capitalize on a Defenders defense that’s struggled to keep good offenses out of the end zone.

    RB Abram Smith, Defenders ($10,300)

    For the third straight week, it’s Abram Smith. This decision is made easier by the absence of Seattle’s Morgan Ellison. The fact is, there are no other semi-reliable RBs playing Sunday. Max Borghi could net 7-10 points if things break right. The same for Jacques Patrick. But no one brings the boom like Smith.

    WR Blake Jackson, Sea Dragons ($8,400)

    In a sign of how loaded Seattle’s receiving corps is, Blake Jackson is merely their third most expensive WR, behind Jahcour Pearson and Josh Gordon. All three have realistic 20-point ceilings.

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    All three have realistic eight-point floors. While it’s risky to bet on just one (that’s all we can afford), Blake is sixth in the XFL in targets with a 75% catch rate. I love his floor and like his ceiling against DC. The big question is whether he can score.

    WR Lucky Jackson, Defenders ($7,500)

    I believe this is my third straight week selecting Lucky Jackson, who started the year as DC’s de facto No. 1 receiver, but who has become one of the game’s top aerial threats. He’s tied for seventh with 37 targets and tied for third in yards per reception among wide receivers with a dozen or more targets. If Ta’amu throws decently, Jackson will be the biggest beneficiary.

    WR/TE Juwan Green, Sea Dragons ($4,500)

    Juwan Green’s name might not jump off the page, especially while operating as the fourth or fifth wheel in Seattle’s juggernaut offense. But this franchise invested a third-round pick on Green last November, and he’s come through as a weekly scoring threat (three TDs in his last five games), and is a good bet for 3-5 looks. At this price, he’s worth the Hail Mary.

    WR/TE Briley Moore-McKinney, Defenders ($2,500)

    Speaking of Hail Marys, I’m taking a chance on Briley Moore-McKinney. While this might look like point-chasing (he netted a 5-29-1 receiving line last weekend), his role hinges on the health of fellow TE Ethan Wolf. As of Friday, there’s no official word on Wolf’s health. What do we do?

    We go for it. If Wolf returns, he might not get a full complement of snaps in his first game back. Moore-McKinney could still be useful as a 4-6 point option. And at best, Wolf remains shelved, and Moore-McKinney serves as Ta’amu’s No. 4 target behind Smith, Jackson, and Chris Blair.

    D/ST Brahmas ($3,900)

    With $3,900 remaining, we don’t have a choice. The Roughnecks cost $500 more. I can’t justify potentially downgrading at another position to land Houston. Instead, we’ll trust that San Antonio’s league-leading defense (in points against) will keep the Roughnecks in check.

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