Wisconsin 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Tyler Beach, John Torchio, and Nick Herbig

Which Wisconsin prospects will hear their name during the 2023 NFL Draft, and what do the scouting reports reveal about their pros and cons?

The 2022 season was a tumultuous one for the Wisconsin Badgers, but they remain a steady producer of NFL talent. Who are the top Wisconsin prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft, and what do the scouting reports reveal about their ceilings?

Wisconsin 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Joe Tippmann, C

Strengths: Nice-sized center with tremendous upside. Bends his knees, sinks his butt, and blocks with terrific pad level to get leverage on opponents. Strong, explosive at the point, and fires off the snap. Stays square, gets movement run blocking, and drives opponents from the line.

Easily anchors in pass protection and keeps his feet moving throughout the action. Keeps his head on a swivel and works well with linemates. Effective with the shotgun snap.

Weaknesses: Not quick or fluid sliding in space. Struggles to adjust when trying to hit a moving target.

Overall: Tippmann is a developing center that comes with size, growth potential, and upside. He was a two-year starter for Wisconsin who showed consistent development in his game. I believe Tippmann will be playing with the first team on Sundays within two years.

Want more information on Tippmann? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin | NFL Draft Scouting Report

John Torchio, S

Strengths: Tough, instinctive safety who does an outstanding job diagnosing plays. Efficient and takes proper angles to the action. Remains disciplined with assignments, keeps the action in front of him, and tracks the pass in the air.

Works well with cornerbacks to bracket receivers and dives around the field to break up throws. Fires upfield, squares into ball handlers, and brings opponents down at the point of attack. Does a terrific job quarterbacking the secondary and makes sure teammates are in proper position.

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Weaknesses: Doesn’t show much range in center field. Possesses average quickness and speed and doesn’t possess a closing burst.

Overall: Torchio is a heady safety with an incredible feel for the game. Best facing the action, he’s a zone defender who should add value on special teams.

Keeanu Benton, DT

Strengths: Explosive and somewhat athletic defensive tackle with scheme versatility. Fires off the snap, plays with proper pad level, and rarely gets knocked off his feet. Explosive with a terrific first step and agile. Effectively uses his hands and nicely redirects to the action. Resilient and slides down the line of scrimmage giving effort. Outstanding technician who moves well laterally and knocks opponents back with violent hand punch.

Weaknesses: Does not play like a 310-pound tackle. Gets knocked around or handled by opponents.

Overall: Benton was highly rated by scouts coming into the season, and after a solid campaign, he had two terrific days of practice at the Senior Bowl. He’s an athletic defensive tackle with possibilities in a four- or three-man front, though Benton must improve his playing strength. If he continues to progress, Benton will quickly break into a starting lineup on Sundays.

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Nick Herbig, EDGE

Strengths: Hard-charging, pass-rushing linebacker, who’s made a tremendous number of plays behind the line of scrimmage the past two seasons. Athletic, breaks down well, and uses his hands to protect himself. Bends off the edge and can flatten then pursue from the back side.

Outstanding technician with his hands, keeps his feet moving, and fluidly gets to any area of the field. Focused on by opponents, displays a variety of moves, and knifes inside of blockers to penetrate the line of scrimmage. Quick, explosive, and stays with assignments. Displays footwork pedaling in reverse and gets depth on pass drops.

Weaknesses: Not a big-bodied defender and is easily disrupted by the initial block or controlled by a single opponent. Seems to do a lot of searching for the ball rather than instinctively locating the action. May not have much growth potential.

Overall: Herbig was a force on the college field, combing for 30 TFLs and 20 sacks the past two seasons. He’s athletic and offers the versatility to be used up the field or in space, but Herbig must improve his playing strength.

Want more information on Herbig? Here’s our expanded scouting report and draft profile: Nick Herbig, EDGE, Wisconsin | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Tyler Beach, OL

Strengths: Three-year starter who is experienced at both tackle spots and left guard. Nice-sized tackle who quickly gets into blocks, stays square, and turns defenders from the action. Starts with good knee bend, fires out to the second level, and squares into linebackers to seal them from the action.

Strong and gets movement run blocking. Effectively places his hands into defenders and steers them from the action. Displays terrific vision, keeps his head on a swivel, and always looks for someone to hit. Works well with linemates.

Weaknesses: Lacks agility, struggles adjusting, and gets beaten by quick or nimble opponents. Effective pulling across the line of scrimmage. Limited upside.

Overall: Beach was productive and durable for Wisconsin at a number of offensive line positions. He lacks upside and athleticism, but he has a good feel for blocking and could be an inexpensive utility lineman with the ability to fill several spots up front.

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