Will Shipley’s Draft Profile | Clemson, RB Scouting Report

Clemson RB Will Shipley might be one of the most dynamic and multifaceted playmakers in the 2024 NFL Draft RB class. His scouting report has all the details.

On a mission to back up his recruitment billing, can Clemson RB Will Shipley become an early-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? As it stands, Shipley has the profile to contend for healthy capital in the coming class.

Will Shipley Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 210 pounds
  • Position: Running Back
  • School: Clemson
  • Current Year: Junior

There might not be a more exciting RB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft than Shipley — and that’s saying something. The 2024 RB group is filled with contrasting prototypes, but Shipley could be the most complete back of the bunch. That’s something he’s prided himself on since his high school days when he was a fringe five-star recruit.

Shipley hit the ground running as a true freshman in 2021, both literally and figuratively. He amassed 739 yards and 11 touchdowns on 149 carries. And in 2022, he upped the ante, accumulating 1,182 yards and 15 touchdowns on 210 attempts while also catching 38 passes for 242 yards.

Injuries marred Shipley’s 2023 campaign. Not only did he struggle to reach 100% throughout the year, but he also saw his bowl game performance cut short with a knee injury, that thankfully wouldn’t require surgery.

All the while, however, Shipley managed to play 12 games, and tacked on 167 carries for 827 yards and five touchdowns to his career totals, and also caught 31 passes for 244 yards and two scores.

Production, pedigree, raw talent — these are all things Shipley has working for him. But looking more closely at the tape, does he have the skill set to make an impact at the NFL level?

Will Shipley Scouting Report


  • High-level athlete at 5’11”, 210 pounds with excellent burst and speed in the open field.
  • Snappy runner with rare short-area instincts and redirection freedom.
  • Uses near-elite explosive capacity to throttle up through narrow second-level gaps.
  • Adept maze runner through congestion with his vision and instinctive use of blocks.
  • Possesses rare lateral burst and swivel freedom, which serves as a deadly combination.
  • Has absurd hip flexibility and can effortlessly realign his attack angle while sustaining.
  • Can dart back and forth through minuscule lanes and adapt as space fluctuates.
  • Phenomenal spatial awareness, control, and angle IQ as a manipulator in tight spaces.
  • With his narrow frame, can shrink and slither through interior gaps, splicing upfield.
  • Flashes above-average contact balance for his size, prying through solo arm tackles.
  • Versatile receiving threat with proven volume who can split out wide and man the slot.
  • Can actively run routes and manipulate blind spots with tempo and bend.
  • Can catch the ball away from his frame with diamond technique and quickly reset his feet.
  • Willing pass protector who can use his lateral twitch to reposition and square up rushers.
  • Aggressive, assignment-sound lead blocker who can acquire proper leverage.


  • Doesn’t quite have the mass to consistently bowl through tackle attempts.
  • Lacks the lower-body strength and powerful leg churn to push piles forward.
  • Direct contact can impact his composure and balance while tracking upfield.
  • Has the speed to get to the boundary but doesn’t quite have elite breakaway pace.
  • Sometimes misses open cutback lanes outside when navigating through congestion.
  • Tries to do too much when offsetting defenders with blocks; can be more efficient.
  • Will defer to congestion too early and miss chances to bounce outside.
  • Patience is admirable but can be too lenient reading congestion when nothing is there.
  • Lack of mass and play strength does impact his ability to sustain blocks and base.
  • Durability could be a long-term question mark.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

Shipley grades out as a potential top-five RB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft class, and a Top 100 overall prospect. He’s one of the most versatile and most dynamic playmakers in the class, and he has an easy path to production and sustenance at the NFL level.

At 5’11”, 210 pounds, Shipley doesn’t quite have the mass and physicality that his counterparts at the top of the board have. But Shipley more than compensates with his explosiveness, speed, foot quickness, and unnatural hip flexibility and movement freedom in tight spaces.

Even without overwhelming size and physicality, he can slither through crowds with his vision, keen spatial awareness, and controlled mobility.

Shipley is truly a chisel inside the tackles, using his instincts and agility to carve out consistent gains. Meanwhile, he doubles as an elite receiving threat and a quality blocker as well.

He’s a versatile pass catcher who can run routes from multiple alignments, catch the ball away from his frame, and accrue RAC yards. As a blocker, he’s combative, has a natural feel for leverage, and uses his short-area twitch to reposition himself.

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In a modern NFL where phase versatility and all-around utility are craved from RBs, few RB prospects in the 2024 NFL Draft have more versatility than Shipley.

All told, Shipley brings true three-down, volume upside with his mix of explosiveness, speed, twitch, flexibility, density, and extraordinary spatial feel and processing ability — if he can stay healthy.

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