Will Deion Sanders Coach in the NFL?

Could Deion Sanders return to the NFL as a coach? The Buffs head coach doesn't seem particularly interested to leave the collegiate scene, but why?

Deion Sanders has become the hottest new sensation in college football, and that has transferred onto the rest of the Colorado football program. Both FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff and ESPN’s College Gameday have been to Boulder, 60 Minutes showcased the team, and even The Rock came out to show support for the Buffs program.

These events are completely unfathomable when you consider that, a year ago, the Buffs went 1-11 and looked completely dysfunctional across the board. Enter “Coach Prime,” who has radically changed the direction of the Colorado football program. With such a startling fast turnaround, many have speculated on Sanders’ future as a head coach, including a return to the NFL.

Will Deion Sanders Head to the NFL?

Sanders has been asked about his potential return to the NFL as a coach, something completely abnormal for a college head coach who is heading into his third game as a Power Five coach.

Speaking on the Rich Eisen Show on Friday, Coach Prime addressed all the rumors of him looking to jump into the NFL as a coach.

Sanders: “I would never do that. I love college. I love that the young men are still impressionable. They’re not so financially wealthy that they can’t hear you. At the next level, some of these guys make so much money they can’t hear. They can’t hear or they can’t see the things that they need to see and hear.

“I would have a hard time motivating a man that makes upwards of 20 and 30 and sometimes 40 million dollars to go out there and do your job. I got a problem with that.”

Eisen and Sanders joked that Deion would cut far too many players for mistakes, with Sanders saying he would “enter a game with 53 [players] and hit halftime with 38.” Sanders seems to enjoy guiding young players, passing down knowledge to the players, and being able to motivate them in a way that isn’t applicable to the NFL level.

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While there are obviously things that could change this in the future, it seems Sanders is dead set on sticking solely to the collegiate level for the foreseeable future. Deion’s next stop, if he does leave Colorado, would seemingly appear to be a major Power Five team.

With Colorado moving to the Big 12 soon, however, Sanders has been so embraced by the fanbase and city that he could stick around and help bring Colorado back to national prominence.

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