Who Is Travis Kelce’s Ex Maya Benberry? Ominous Warning Issued to Taylor Swift

    Travis Kelce's ex Maya Benberry issues a warning to pop superstar Taylor Swift. Is there trouble in paradise for the mega-couple?

    In case you have been living under a rock the past week, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are an item sweeping the world by storm. Swift took a blow torch to social media platforms as she appeared at a Kansas City Chiefs game to watch her latest connection, Kelce, play for the Chiefs.

    Every media outlet under the sun covered the Swift/Kelce love connection ad nauseam, but apparently, the love connection has evolved into a love triangle. Kelce’s ex has spoken out with a warning for the pop superstar.

    What Did Maya Benberry Say About Travis Kelce?

    If you recall, Benberry won the Entertainment reality TV show “Catching Kelce,” starring the Chiefs’ TE in 2016. Benberry and Kelce dated for several months following the show but broke up shortly thereafter.

    Benberry accused Kelce of cheating on her throughout their relationship, particularly with Kelce’s next conquest, broadcaster Kayla Nicole. Benberry didn’t mix words while providing Swift a warning.

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    “Once a cheater, always a cheater. Taylor seems like such a fun girl with a beautiful spirit, so I wish her the best of luck, but I wouldn’t be a girls’ girl if I didn’t advise her to be smart!

    “I’m sure by now, she has mastered the ability to see who is really there for her and who is just using her. I can only hope that she comes out as the teacher in this situation and not the student.”

    Benberry won the reality show against 49 women from all 50 states. Professionally, Benberry is a life coach, so she is no stranger at giving advice. Kelce has denied any issues of past infidelity.

    “This is fake news, a lie, and not why Kayla and I broke up; take all your hatred somewhere else, please.”

    How Did Kelce and Taylor Swift Get Together?

    Kelce attempted to gift Swift a friendship bracelet adorned with the digits of his phone number during her concert tour in Kansas City. Unfortunately, the Chiefs All-Pro TE was unable to make the exchange to the pop star, but all hope was not lost.

    Kelce spoke of this failed delivery to his brother Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, on their podcast, New Heights. Apparently, the word made its way back to Swift.

    Since then, the couple has been hanging out and getting to know each other. Since both Kelce and Swift are in the public limelight, the story has caught fire with publications across the globe.

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