What Is the Kelce Brothers Podcast? Travis and Jason Create the No. 1 Sports Podcast

Jason and Travis Kelce will be representing their respective teams in Super Bowl 57. A few days later, they will talk about it on their popular podcast.

When the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs meet during Super Bowl 57, there will be a ton of storylines to follow. Patrick Mahomes vs. Jalen Hurts. Andy Reid facing off against his old team. The battle between two No. 1 seeds.

However, one lesser-known but equally as interesting storyline focuses in on the Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason. Travis plays tight end for the Chiefs. Jason plays offensive line for the Eagles. Both are Hall of Fame-caliber players and grew up in the same house.

And, both are now co-hosts of the most popular sports podcast on the internet.

What Is the Kelce Brothers Podcast?

The Kelce Brothers podcast is called New Heights. The brothers started it in September, right around when the 2022 NFL season began. Now, facing off in what some have called the “Kelce Bowl,” a ton of attention has turned to what these two brothers/competitors have to say on a weekly basis.

The show focuses on a range of topics, mostly sports related. The Kelce brothers go into in-depth detail on everything NFL related and provide their insight on some of the biggest topics around the league. They also have guests from time to time, with Patrick Mahomes having made an appearance, and even their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce, stopping by this past week.

On Radio Row, the two recorded their latest episode, which was set to release just days before the Super Bowl. Obviously, the interesting dynamic of having two brothers play each other warranted a ton of questions from the media on-site.

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“During the course of the season, you just get caught up in the routine of things,” Travis Kelce said on Wednesday morning from the Chiefs’ team hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Super Bowl 57 will be played.

“I don’t get to see his family as much. Home games are always fun because you get to have family and friends in. But throughout the week and stuff, you’re focused on your craft and trying to recover and all those things.

“So what this did was gave us a scheduled 2-3 hour window where we have to talk to each other, and we have to talk about what we’re going through, throughout the week and throughout the games. It’s almost been like therapy, man. It’s been cool to hear what he’s going through and just to have some fun with my brother like we did back in the day.”

When New Heights first got off the ground, I doubt the brothers thought it would come to a place where they would be squaring off in the Super Bowl to end the year. But, with the kind of unique content and access that the podcast can now give fans, it’s a good thing that they did. It will be fun to hear what the losing brother has to say on next week’s episode.

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