Who Are Sam Hartman’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Mark and Lisa

Sam Hartman is an intriguing QB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents, and what was his upbringing like?

Sam Hartman is probably known best for being the former quarterback for Wake Forest and Notre Dame as well as his long flowing hair and charisma. Beyond just his looks and charm, Hartman has had quite the college football career and is hoping to continue that professionally.

Before Hartman’s eventual shot at the NFL, let’s take a closer look at his family and upbringing. Here’s a deep dive into Hartman’s parents and siblings.

A Look at Sam Hartman’s Parents

Hartman’s parents are Mark and Lisa Hartman. The Hartman family is a tight-knit group that has been Sam’s support system throughout his life, especially during his football career.

Hartman’s college football career has taken twists and turns, with the hopes of hearing his name called in the upcoming NFL Draft, and his family has been there every step of the way.

Getting To Know Sam’s Father Mark

Like his son, Mark Hartman also played football. Unlike his son, however, Mark’s profession may be a bit more impactful than what he can do on a gridiron as he is a well-respected surgeon.

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Mark has been a rock for Sam throughout his life, teaching him the ways of life and how to approach it the way best way that you can. From the dedication it takes to be on a football team to the courage and determination it takes to become a surgeon, Mark has been a beacon of light for Sam every step of the way.

Getting To Know Sam’s Mother Lisa

Lisa Hartman, like many football moms, takes immense pride in watching her son accomplish his goals on the football field. She’s always in the stands rooting her son on and has been that warming, loving figure in Sam’s life since Day 1.

It’s something that Sam is very aware of, and the bond he has with his mother is something he cherishes dearly.

“She’s why I’m here,” Sam said of Lisa. “She’s been the one who’s there when I was in the hospital when I was 17, when I’m in the hospital again when I’m 23. Those are tough moments where you’re seeing your mom sleep on either a chair sitting upright or sleeping on a small couch. I’m important to her, and I felt that the whole time.”

Not much is known about Lisa other than her clear love and devotion to her son as she watches him chase his dreams of playing football on Sundays. But for Sam, that may be what matters most above all else.

Does Hartman Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Sam has two older brothers. One is named Joe and the other, who was adopted by the family, is named Demitri Allison.

Not much is known about Joe as he is a private person but is known to have played football alongside his brothers growing up, and he is studying medicine at the University of Florida.

Demitri, however, is a much sadder story. He was adopted by the Hartman family when he was 15 years old and was welcomed into the family with open arms. He continued the family tradition of playing football and did so at the college level where he played at Elon University.

Unfortunately, in 2015 Demitri committed suicide while he was enrolled at Elon. It is something Sam and the rest of the family have struggled with and has been a source of pain that he and the family have carried with them ever since.

In partnership with Athletes For God, Sam discussed writing Demitri’s initials (DA) on his wristband before every game to honor him. In this piece, Sam tells the story of when he first heard about Demitri’s suicide and how he remembers his adopted brother.

“Demitri always had a smile that lit up the room,” Hartman said. “I never saw him down, probably because he was so focused on everybody else. He always seemed to brighten up your day, and he was just the coolest person to be around. Whenever you were struggling with something, Demitri was usually the cure to your problems.”

During the 2021 season, ESPN’s College GameDay did a feature on Demitri and his impact on Hartman.

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