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    Sam Hartman’s Draft Profile | Notre Dame, QB Scouting Report

    Notre Dame's Sam Hartman is one of college football's most productive passers in history. Does that production translate in his 2024 NFL Draft scouting report?

    In the 2024 NFL Draft senior quarterback class, where does Notre Dame’s Sam Hartman stack up? We’ve had close to six years to complete Hartman’s scouting report; over that time, he’s made countless quality throws. But how does his profile translate to the NFL game? Let’s take a closer look.

    Sam Hartman Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’1 1/8″
    • Weight: 212 pounds
    • Position: Quarterback
    • School: Notre Dame
    • Current Year: Redshirt Senior

    Across five seasons with the Wake Forest Demon Deacons and one with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Hartman became one of the most productive QBs in college football history.

    With 15,656 career passing yards, Hartman ranks fifth all-time behind Case Keenum, Timmy Chang, Landry Jones, and Graham Harrell. Meanwhile, his 134 career passing touchdowns rank fourth all-time behind Keenum, Harrell, and Kellen Moore.

    Hartman’s gambit to compete for a national championship in his final season at Notre Dame didn’t go as planned, but the former three-star recruit still put together a successful end to a storied stay at the collegiate level. And now, the focus turns to his 2024 NFL Draft scouting report and how he can stick around in the pros.

    Sam Hartman Scouting Report


    • Has a crisp release and can adjust his throwing angles with solid arm elasticity.
    • Has shown he can rifle throws with decent velocity in the short range and near the LOS.
    • Good functional athlete with the short-area twitch to sidestep rushers and enter space.
    • Has the mobility and foot speed to roll out of the pocket and extend throwing windows.
    • Able processor who can go through progressions, trigger quickly, and ID matchups.
    • Expertly attacks blind spots in coverage with controlled loft and situational precision.
    • Able to autonomously tilt his shoulders to add touch and aid placement on throws.
    • Consistently leads receivers away from contact and can adequately place for RAC.
    • Routine rotational thrower who can precisely plant his front foot to maintain accuracy.
    • Incredibly poised, patient, and composed pocket operator in the face of pressure.
    • Can seamlessly transition from evasive sidesteps to climbing technique when navigating.
    • Savvy decision-maker who isn’t afraid to take calculated risks with precision.
    • Has elite competitive toughness, evident in his pocket work and willingness as a blocker.


    • Arm strength is average at best and likely slightly below average.
    • Passes visibly float and lack velocity when tracking downfield or outside the numbers.
    • Is only an above-average creative threat, who lacks high-end burst and dynamism.
    • Can throw off-platform but sometimes struggles to keep his shoulders level when doing so.
    • At times, can be quicker to anticipate breaks on hitches and short curls.
    • Field vision isn’t elite, as he can miss receivers over the middle of the field.
    • Lower-body inconsistency and lack of hip drive can cause shoulder instability.
    • Heel click can lock out hips on release and tug front shoulder up, causing high misses.
    • Sometimes pushes passes too far past receivers when trying to place away from DBs.
    • Can be over-zealous, forcing throws he doesn’t have the arm strength to make.
    • Will be a 25-year-old rookie in the NFL.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Hartman grades out as a late Day 3 or PFA prospect. He could slip into the undrafted free agent pool, but it’s also just as likely he’s selected in the late rounds for his appeal as an NFL backup. His lack of elite traits and advanced age locks him out of early-round range, but he has some desired qualities in a safety blanket.

    Hartman was a starting QB at the collegiate level for the better part of six years. His experience is something that distinguishes him, as is his production. His physical talent, however, is not. His arm is average at best, and while he’s an above-average creator, he’s not a dynamic rushing threat.

    Additionally, there are some aspects of Hartman’s operational profile that could cause concern at the next level. While he has a degree of situational precision, his lower-body mechanics remain inconsistent on release, even after an extended starting career.

    Additionally, some of his favorite throws — slow, lofted touch passes in the vertical plane — might not translate at the NFL level, where defenders are faster and have better eye discipline and ball skills. And his lacking velocity can hinder his ability to hit tight windows.

    Nevertheless, Hartman does have coveted qualities as a potential backup. He’s mobile enough, with enough athleticism and arm elasticity to operate off-platform. He’s incredibly poised in the pocket, with the steely resolve to stand tall amidst pressure.

    He processes and navigates fairly well, has some functional discretion as a decision-maker, and has a degree of accuracy and situational precision when he’s mechanically sound. And his competitive toughness in all phases serves as a bonus.

    Hartman’s age and lack of high-end physical traits will limit his range as a 2024 NFL Draft prospect, and he doesn’t quite have the requisite operational profile to compensate. But in the late Day 3 range, he could field an investment as a passer with long-term quality backup potential.

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