Who Are Laiatu Latu’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Kerry Latu and His Surrogate Father

Laiatu Latu was a standout EDGE for UCLA and is set to be a high pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Get to know his mom Kerry and surrogate father Ikaika Malloe.

Laiatu Latu is a dynamic pass rusher expected to hear his name called early in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Latu had a productive but interesting college career that had a bunch of ups and downs.

Through all the trials and triumphs that have him where he is today, it took a strong supporting cast to help him do so. We take a look at his mother, Kerry Latu, and how she helped her son navigate his way to an NFL career.

A Look at Laiatu Latu’s Parents

Latu was raised by his single mother, Kerry. She was a central figure in the young pass rusher’s success, and in pivotal moments when it looked as if he wasn’t going to be able to continue his playing career, Latu’s mother was there to help.

And when he was given a second chance that propelled him into the player we know today, Kerry played a critical role as well. Yet, she wasn’t alone, as Latu’s surrogate father, Ikaika Malloe, played a crucial part in his life as well.

Getting To Know Latu’s Mother Kerry

Kerry raised four children on her own and is a strong single mother who worked multiple jobs to support Latu and his siblings following the departure of his father from his life when he was just a young child.

There aren’t many specific details about Latu’s mother, but the one thing that is understood is that she has always been viewed as a guiding light and an important figure who has helped him throughout his life and playing career.

Getting To Know Latu’s Surrogate Father Malloe

Malloe is Latu’s surrogate father as well as a football coach for the Washington Huskies. He helped nurture Latu’s football abilities and provided emotional support for him throughout his life outside of football as well.

During his college years, injuries forced Latu to medically retire from the game before being given a second chance. That chance to continue his career came at UCLA, thanks to Malloe’s help and his new role as a coach with the Bruins.

Latu became a star pass rusher at UCLA, building his stock high enough to be viewed as a first-round selection in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Does Latu Have any Siblings?

Yes, Latu has three siblings. However, very little is known about them outside of his younger brother Keleki, who is following in his big brother’s footsteps in playing the game of football.

It’s clear that Keleki looks up to his older brother and has been a central figure in his football career.

“He was a really good role model for me,” Keleki said. “He really made me want to pursue playing at the next level because he was getting a lot of offers at the time, and it made me stride to do the same.”

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Wit Laiatu on the verge of being a high NFL Draft pick, his brother will surely be by his side and learning along the way, just like he has before.

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