Who Are Jordan Travis’ Parents? Everything You Need To Know About Tony and Tammy

Jordan Travis is an intriguing QB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents, and what was his upbringing like?

Jordan Travis was well on his way to being one of the best quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft class before a devastating leg injury stopped his final season in its tracks.

Before Travis’s eventual shot at the NFL, we look closer at his parents, the upbringing that has helped get him through this tough chapter, and those who have been by his side every step of the way to this point in his career.

A Look at Jordan Travis’ Parents

Jordan Travis was born to his parents, Tony and Tammy Travis.

A loving family that has watched two sons grow into professional athletes and their love and affection played a huge part in why the Travis’ have made it this far.

Getting To Know Jordan’s Father, Tony

Not much detail is known about Tony, but the father of the football star certainly is a proud parent and someone Jordan has looked to for support not only through his playing career but also his life. And when Jordan has needed someone for a tough conversation, or that pick me up, his dad has always been there.

“He has confidence, but to a certain extent, he’s still a kid,” Tony said. “I think he may have doubted himself sometimes. But he still continued to work hard. Because he just loves the game so much.”

No one knows you better than your dad, and in the case of Jordan, he has one around to be the support system and a central figure in his life.

Getting To Know Jordan’s Mother, Tammy

Not much is known about Tammy, either, a mother who seemingly enjoys keeping her personal life private.

However, what is known is that she is a loving mother who has been along for the ride throughout Jordan’s life and football career and has done so quietly and privately.

Does Travis Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Jordan has a brother named Devon Travis and two sisters, Jaida and Janae.

Devon does not play football but is a professional athlete in his own right.

Like Jordan, Devon attended Florida State but chose baseball instead of football and enjoyed a successful career in the MLB.

Devon was drafted by the Detroit Tigers and made his debut in the big leagues in 2015 with the Toronto Blue Jays.

Devon’s playing days seemingly ended in 2019 after amassing a .274 batting average, 35 home runs, and 153 runs batted in during his career. He is now a coach for the GCL Braves, which is a Rookie-level affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.

Devon has been a supportive figure in his brother’s life and someone that Jordan has been able to look up to both personally and professionally. And that’s something that Devon has been tremendously happy to watch unfold as Jordan grows in success.

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“It has been so cool, and I am so happy for him that he has finally gotten his opportunity, and he’s taking his opportunity to leave it all on the field, every single play — that’s what makes me most proud,” said Devon.

“The culmination of what he has been through and the fact this was his dream school his entire life — to be a football player at Florida State — it’s so cool to see him loving the game at this level.”

It seems that Jordan Travis is on the brink of reaching another level by entering the NFL, and Devon will have even more he can be proud of when it comes to his little bro.

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