Who Are Blake Corum’s Parents? Everything You Need To Know About James and Christina

Blake Corum is an intriguing RB prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. Who are his parents, and what was his upbringing like?

Blake Corum is fresh off a national championship win and a tremendously productive college career at Michigan. But before Corum’s eventual shot at the NFL, we look closer at the running back’s parents and upbringing that helped get him to this point in his career.

A Look at Blake Corum’s Parents

Blake is the son of James and Christina Corum. Blake comes from a family that includes a father with a rich football history and a mother who is a homemaker, which provided the young running back with a loving and stable home to thrive and grow up.

Getting To Know Blake’s Father, James

James Corum played for the Los Angeles Rams in the ’80s and is part of the reason Blake has the love for the game that he soon will be turning into a career himself.

For Blake, the game was around him, he was born into it, and that familiarity and love of the game helped develop and fuel a fire within him to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father couldn’t be more proud of his son and let that be known ahead of the CFP national championship game.

“Oh, man, this is what he’s worked for all his life. … He’s dreamed of this day … the feeling is unbelievable, and I’m just so excited as a father, and I’m so proud.”

Now, Blake turns his attention to the NFL and gets ready for a different football chapter, but one where his father will be with him every step of the way.

Getting To Know Blake’s Mother, Christina

Christina Corum is Blake’s loving and caring mother. Christina was a stay-at-home mom who prioritized her family and devoted her life to her kids and their home.

She was the support system he needed and has helped Blake reach his goals throughout his life, knowing that when he got home he would be welcomed with a warm embrace from both his parents.

Does Corum Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Blake is the oldest of four siblings and is the only boy in the family. Blake’s sisters are Skye, Starr, and Rainn.

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Being the only son of the group presents a unique challenge, and while Blake looks to be the big brother to all three of his younger sisters, they have been by his side along the way as well. From big games to growing up together, the Corum family is a tight-knit unit that has continued to lift one another throughout their lives.

As Blake prepares for the NFL Draft, it’s clear that not only will his mother and father be a source of strength but his siblings will be as well.

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