Which NFL Player Has the Highest Career Earnings?

Which NFL player has the highest career earnings in history? Are there any other players close to him? Let's take a closer look to find out.

What NFL player has the highest career earnings? It’s a topic that gets talked about a lot among friends. Whether at the bar or by the water cooler, the topic of NFL salaries is a consistent one throughout the league’s history.

The game of football we know and love is filled with stars who make the league what it is, and as a result, those players we buy tickets to see and merchandise for get compensated handsomely to do so. So while the NFL has been around for over 100 years, let’s take a look at who, during the league’s rich history, has accumulated the highest career earnings.

Which Player Has the Highest Career Earnings in the NFL?

To the surprise of maybe no one, the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, has the highest career earnings of NFL players. Throughout Brady’s illustrious 23-year career, he has been able to amass total earnings of $332.96 million.

Part of the reason Brady was able to collect such a fortune is due to his longevity, where he was able to play just shy of a quarter century in the NFL. But the other part of it comes from his play on the field and proving that he is one of the game’s best to ever do it, and the price tag that commands for doing so.

Is Any Other NFL Player Close?

Brady is the runaway winner in total NFL earnings, but there are two other NFL quarterbacks — both of whom are still playing to this day — who are in the same ballpark as Brady when it comes to career earnings.


Both New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford have been able to eclipse the $300 million mark as well. Rodgers and Stafford are Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks as well.

Both are clearly NFL stars, but with them being quarterbacks, it says more about the state of NFL contracts than it does about their pedigrees being in the stratosphere of the older and more accomplished Brady.

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