What Round Was Tom Brady Drafted in the NFL Draft?

    Tom Brady is widely viewed as the greatest of all time. But before he became the GOAT, he was a late-round pick in the NFL Draft.

    The story of Tom Brady is an amazing one. A man widely viewed as the game’s greatest player of all time, beating the odds to do so. Brady didn’t come into the University of Michigan as a highly recruited five-star athlete, and he certainly didn’t go to the NFL via an early-round draft pick, either.

    Everything Brady has achieved has come from doing it the long way, the hard way, and by ultimately believing in himself when no one else would. The story of Brady is an inspiring one that started much later in the NFL Draft than many would think.

    Where in the 2000 NFL Draft Was Tom Brady Drafted?

    Brady was selected with pick No. 199 in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. Brady was passed up and not thought of as too much when it came to the wide array of prospects coming out of college that year.

    To further cement that feeling across the league, Brady would end up with an unimpressive NFL Scouting Combine performance that would seal his fate as a back-end prospect on many team’s draft boards that year.

    Brady would be the seventh quarterback taken in that draft, with the six guys that went before him not amassing the career he would eventually go on to have. The six quarterbacks selected ahead of him that year were Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Marc Bulger, and Spergon Wynn.

    With Chad Pennington and Marc Bulger being the only ones amounting to anything in the NFL in front of Brady, it goes without saying that every team in the league missed on him several times throughout that draft process and wished they could go back and see what they missed the first time around.

    Tom Brady and His Historic Career

    Brady would go on to win seven Super Bowls in his time in the NFL, six with the Patriots, and one final trophy with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers later in his career before deciding to retire following the 2022 season.

    Brady would end up starting 381 games in 23 seasons throughout his time in the NFL, which is the most for a quarterback in NFL history. Brady would go on to win 251 regular-season games and 35 postseason games and holds a .754 all-time winning percentage, which is the highest among all quarterbacks who have started at least 100 games.

    When you speak about Brady, there is only one way to address him — he’s the greatest of all time. His body of work and the path it took for him to get here is unrivaled, and his career will live on forever.

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