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    What Number Is the Super Bowl in 2024? Explaining the Roman Numeral LVIII

    Roman numerals have long been used to show distinctions between Super Bowls from various seasons. What do this year's numerals, LVIII, mean?

    Roman numerals have long been used to signify which Super Bowl is being played to cap off any given season, and the numbers have only gotten larger through the game’s years. The 2023 season finale is no exception and signifies the latest advancement in the number with Super Bowl LVIII.

    What Do the Super Bowl Roman Numerals Mean?

    Every Super Bowl has used Roman numerals to signify its uniqueness, dating back to Super Bowl V (5), the first game to use Roman numerals before the first four were retroactively given those designations as well.

    The system provides a unique way of designating the games that goes beyond typical numbering.

    Just four Roman numerals have been needed to make the numbers for the Super Bowls so far, though others will eventually need to be added as the game approaches its 100th edition. In the Roman numeral system, I is used to represent one, V for five, X for 10, and L for 50, while C is the symbol for 100, which will be added down the line.

    This year’s game, Super Bowl LVIII (58), has a fairly straightforward designation. The five letters go in order to add up to the final total.

    Roman numerals can get a bit more complex in order than that, however.

    For instance, the 49th edition of the Super Bowl was correctly designated as Super Bowl XLIX. No individual Roman numeral is used more than three times in a number, so instead, it works backward with an X before an L to get 40 and an I before X to get nine.

    The one exception thus far to the Roman numerals rule is the 50th Super Bowl, which does not use Super Bowl L for its designation as the league apparently could not find a logo version they liked using “L.”

    Otherwise, it’s been all Roman numerals since the 1970s and appears poised to remain that way for some time as the league preserves the annual tradition throughout the game’s branding.

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    This year’s edition, Super Bowl LVIII, will pit the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers against one another in a rematch of Super Bowl LIV, which Kansas City won 31-20 as Patrick Mahomes earned the game’s Most Valuable Player award.

    Time will tell whether Mahomes and the Chiefs are able to channel some more magic this time around to win the franchise’s fourth Super Bowl and Mahomes’ third after capturing the title last season as well.

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