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    What New Features Are in Madden NFL 25? Inside BOOM Tech, a Revamped Franchise Mode, and More

    The Madden franchise continues to captivate video gamers, and the upcoming Madden NFL 25 is rolling out new, enticing features ahead of its release.

    Fans who want their football fix before the regular season will soon get their hands on Madden NFL 25, which hits stores during the NFL preseason.

    But once fans turn on their Xboxes or PlayStation 5s and load up the game, they will soon find some notable changes.

    EA Sports Unveils Madden NFL 25’s New Features

    What are the new changes getting implemented for the 2024 version? And will there be a certain feature making its return?

    Those who’ll fire up Madden NFL 25 will soon get familiar with the new term “BOOM Tech.”

    BOOM Tech plans to enhance an advanced tackling system, plus it provides a new level of ball control, as EA Sports described.

    Physics-based tackling will be a part of the new BOOM Tech system. EA Sports describes this feature as “a new data-driven physics system” that will calculate the following: timing, momentum, weight, speed, strength, and player ratings to inform the 1-on-1 ball carrier on the impact for a wider variety of explosive and authentic physical outcomes against defenders.

    Elsewhere, BOOM Tech will add a “reloaded” hit stick as EA Sports said, which promises harder-hitting control in the ground attack. The new feature is adding another benefit for users who turn to the run game: the Ball Carrier Balance and Recovery System. This new feature enables gamers to “run the rock with confidence and command” plus monitor their backs’ recovery and stamina after sustaining a hit.

    “BOOM Tech has been multiple years in the making and represents the most impactful FieldSENSE improvement yet, and combined with a new audio and visual experience across the game plus deepened modes and increased customization, Madden NFL 25 will look, feel and sound different,” wrote Mike Mahar, senior production director of Madden via a news release.

    Elsewhere, FieldSENSE plans to deliver increased enhancements on offense, defense, and special teams — with the latter featuring the new kickoff format. There will also be all-new skill mechanics for running back, wide receivers, and defenders that’ll provide players with ultimate control across the field, especially pre-snap. Deeper playbooks for all three phases are additionally getting rolled out through FieldSENSE.

    While that feature is brand new for this version of Madden, a beloved feature is getting reworked.

    Madden Is Prioritizing Franchise Mode Again

    Franchise mode is back for Madden fans this fall.

    In the past, the option allowed fans to build a team from the ground up by making their own draft selections and free agent moves. But EA Sports describes this as a “rebuilt” feature for the newest Madden version.

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    “Franchise takes it to the next level with a rebuilt NFL Draft night featuring Roger Goodell, team and rookie records, new environments, personalized storylines, more ways to customize your NFL team and season, a fresh Super Bowl celebration experience, and Franchise Central with simplified league creation tools and more information at your fingertips so you can drive your Franchise to victory,” EA Sports shared.

    Furthermore, the renewed franchise mode allows users to manage player personalities, including convincing them to sign their own contract extension offer. Gamers who turn to franchise mode can even have their say on how to define their team culture.

    When Does Madden NFL 25 Go on Sale?

    Fans of the Madden franchise have Aug. 16 marked on their calendars. That’s the date Madden NFL 25 officially hits stores.

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    Madden NFL 25 will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

    Fans can preorder the game online before it hits electronic store shelves. Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers is gracing this year’s Madden cover, a first for the All-Pro running back.

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