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    Predicting Each NFL Team’s Rating in Madden 25: Who Could Challenge the Chiefs?

    How will your favorite NFL team fair in Madden 25's initial ratings? We project all 32 teams ahead of the game's release.

    One of the first things Madden 25 users are going to do is check where their favorite team is ranked amongst their biggest rivals. We look across the league and project where we think all 32 NFL teams will land on Madden’s initial rankings.

    How Madden Creates Team Ratings

    When EA Sports sets the ratings for all teams in Madden every year, it’s a collaborative effort in which multiple factors come into play. Such factors include last year’s performance, personnel changes in the offseason, and projections for the upcoming season.

    The EA Sports team takes a deep dive into each player’s ranking to help give the roster a full, bigger-picture look. EA takes this very seriously, and although ratings can go up and down throughout the year, it’s an extensive process leading up to the initial rating reveal with hopes of getting it as accurate as possible.

    Projecting the Rating for All 32 Teams

    We know the Kansas City Chiefs are the team to beat this year, but does that mean they are the highest overall team in our latest projection? We look at them and the other 31 teams to put a Madden 25 team rating together.

    Arizona Cardinals: 74 Overall

    The Cardinals have added talent to their roster with Marvin Harrison Jr. While he’s going to be a big piece, they still have one of the less talented teams in the league, which gives them one of our lower projected ratings.

    Atlanta Falcons: 83 Overall

    QB Kirk Cousins and new head coach Raheem Morris have changed a lot for the Falcons in Atlanta. They already have talent on the offensive side of the ball with the likes of Drake London, Bijan Robinson, and Kyle Pitts. Now adding Cousins into the mix should help them be contenders.

    Baltimore Ravens: 88 Overall

    The Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL and look poised to make another deep AFC playoff run. Despite adding Derrick Henry into the mix, Baltimore has seen some important defensive pieces like Patrick Queen and Geno Stone leave in free agency.

    They’re going to be good, but will the Ravens be the same as last year?

    Buffalo Bills: 86 Overall

    Buffalo has had a challenging offseason. Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis are both gone, setting up this group to look vastly different this year. Yet, they still have Josh Allen, who will have the Bills ready to go on Sundays, and that’s the best thing they have going for them.

    Carolina Panthers: 76 Overall

    The Panthers struggled mightily last year, and even with an improved supporting cast around Bryce Young, it’s hard to buy into Carolina. Things could turn for the better in 2024, but we’ll need to see it before we believe it.

    Chicago Bears: 80 Overall

    The Bears are a night-and-day different team than they were last season. Caleb Williams is now under center, Keenan Allen has been added as a receiving weapon, and many other moves has Chicago in position to be a darkhorse team in the NFC this season.

    Cincinnati Bengals: 88 Overall

    Joe Burrow was injured for much of last season, and it affected the Bengals greatly. However, with the expectation that he should be ready to go for 2024, Cincinnati once again sits among the best in the AFC and is a legitimate threat to represent in the Super Bowl.

    Cleveland Browns: 87 Overall

    The Browns have talent, but will they be able to get the most out of it? On paper, they have playmakers all over the place, but can Deshaun Watson round back into form?

    Led by Myles Garrett, we know the defense is going to be good. But what is the ceiling for this intriguing AFC North squad?

    Dallas Cowboys: 87 Overall

    On paper, the Dallas Cowboys are a worse team than the one they fielded last season. With a lot of young talent needed to step up, just how good this Cowboys team is going to be is a looming question. With obvious talent still in place, they’re a team to respect, but mystery remains throughout this team.

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    Denver Broncos: 76 Overall

    Sean Payton is starting fresh in Denver. Russell Wilson is now gone, and the Broncos seem to be adopting a new approach. How much winning it will produce remains to be seen, but for now, Denver is one of the NFL’s bottom-tier teams.

    Detroit Lions: 89 Overall

    Spoiler alert: if it wasn’t for the 49ers, the Lions may be the best team in the NFL right now.

    A young and hungry team led by Dan Campbell, Detroit is loaded with talent across the board. They should be one of the more frequently used teams in Madden this season as a result.

    Green Bay Packers: 84 Overall

    Jordan Love and last year’s young Packers squad took the NFL by storm last season. After an impressive showing in the playoffs, the sky is the limit for this Green Bay team. With much room to grow, the chances of this overall grade increasing even higher throughout the season are very real.

    Houston Texans: 87 Overall

    The Houston Texans are the real deal. Off the back of an impressive rookie campaign by C.J. Stroud, the Texans’ future looks as bright as any team. Add in the Diggs addition, and it’s clear that Houston is a team not only poised for the future but ready to win now.

    Indianapolis Colts: 76 Overall

    Anthony Richardson and the Colts are an interesting team to watch in 2024. A season-ending injury robbed him of his rookie year early, but Richardson flashed his talent that has many around the team eager to see what he can do once again.

    It’s tough to put the Colts high in the initial rankings, but they have a chance to make us and several others look foolish by season’s end.

    Jacksonville Jaguars: 83 Overall

    2024 feels like an important season for Trevor Lawrence. A Jaguars team that has talent but hasn’t been able to put it together hampers their ranking a little bit here. However, with some young talented pieces like Travis Etienne Jr. on offense and a core of defensive playmakers, Jacksonville could be quite the user pick for Madden this year.

    Kansas City Chiefs: 94 Overall

    When you win back-to-back Super Bowls, you sit on top of a throne by yourself. With Patrick Mahomes assuredly going to be a 99 overall, Kansas City is going to be a tough one to beat not only in Madden but also in real life.

    Las Vegas Raiders: 77 Overall

    Head coach Antonio Pierce has the Raiders playing with a swagger that those around the team have always wanted back within the organization. The Raiders will be looking to build off last season’s promising second half, but they should expect some growing pains along the way. Vegas could be better than this, but for now, we have them pegged with a relatively low rating.

    Los Angeles Chargers: 84 Overall

    It’s a new day in L.A. with Jim Harbaugh now in the mix. Justin Herbert and the Chargers have talent but have been underachievers for quite some time now. Will 2024 be the year they break through?

    Los Angeles Rams: 79 Overall

    The Rams are probably a bit underrated with a Super Bowl-winning quarterback and young talent on the roster. However, they’ve been having a bit of a challenge lately, and for that, we have a slightly lower approach to them than some right now.

    Miami Dolphins: 86 Overall

    The Dolphins may be an 86 overall as a team, but their team speed is assuredly going to be a 99. Miami is legit, and although they’ve struggled to break through in the playoffs, the talent is there for the Dolphins to be within striking distance of an AFC title.

    Minnesota Vikings: 80 Overall

    J.J. McCarthy brings a fresh new vibe to the Vikings. Minnesota has good talent, but will there be a noticeable step back in 2024 compared to the Cousins days? One would assume we should expect one, but they’ll still be an exciting team to play with in Madden.

    New England Patriots: 74 Overall

    Jerod Mayo will have the Patriots’ defense ready to rock, but the offense is another question. Whether it’s Jacoby Brissett or Drake Maye, the offensive struggle is expected once again, which will limit the Patriots’ success this season.

    New Orleans Saints: 80 Overall

    Derek Carr was running for his life last season as the Saints struggled to protect him. With some added resources to the group and a fresh start, New Orleans should be a middle-of-the-pack team in the NFL, with a chance to surprise some people.

    New York Giants: 72 Overall

    By our estimation, the Giants will be the worst team in the NFL this year. With a laundry list of question marks and a talent deficiency on the roster, New York fans may once again be in for a long season.

    New York Jets: 88 Overall

    If they all stay healthy, the Jets should be one of the league’s best teams. It’s a big if, but if they hold up, New York may be one of the most popular teams in Madden to use. With added talent from free agency this year, the Jets loaded up to make a Super Bowl run, and our projections reflect.

    Philadelphia Eagles: 88 Overall

    Jalen Hurts and the Eagles had a rough end to the season last year. Despite that, they still boast a talented roster heading into 2024.

    With a dominant running game expected once again — now with Saquon Barkley in the mix — and a young core of defensive players to build around, Philadelphia should be one of the NFL’s best teams.

    Pittsburgh Steelers: 84 Overall

    The days of Kenny Pickett and a stagnant offense are hopefully in the rearview for Steelers fans. In comes Russell Wilson and Justin Fields who look to bring stability and more big plays to their offense. Pittsburgh is always going to be solid under head coach Mike Tomlin, but just how good remains a mystery right now.

    San Francisco 49ers: 92 Overall

    Behind only the team they lost to in the Super Bowl, the 49ers are an elite team and a real problem in Madden. With Christian McCaffrey on the cover and a talented roster on both sides of the ball, people who choose to use the Niners in Madden should be forced to change teams for the sake of fairness.

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    Seattle Seahawks: 81 Overall

    Seattle is an interesting team. They played teams tough last season and, at times, looked like a playoff team, but ultimately came up short. With a new head coach in place and a large unknown of what to expect, we leave room for this ranking to sway one way or another pretty significantly.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 82 Overall

    Baker Mayfield and Mike Evans are back in the fold and ready to make another playoff run. The Buccaneers probably don’t get the respect they deserve because of the division they play in, but make no mistake about it, they’re a sneaky good team.

    Tennessee Titans: 79 Overall

    A lot rides on Will Levis’ shoulders this year, and with Brian Callahan now the head coach and Henry officially gone after eight seasons, a lot of change is on the horizon for Tennessee. The Titans have made some big moves this offseason, and they’re not a bad team, but it’s unknown right now how good they can be.

    Washington Commanders: 79 Overall

    Jayden Daniels was drafted to save the franchise, that much is clear. New head coach Dan Quinn came in and was unafraid to spend big money to help their roster, and that’s what they did.

    With new faces all over the place, the Commanders have a chance to be a respectable team this year, but with any rookie QB, questions remain.

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