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    What Is the Madden 99 Club? A Look Back at Players Who Earned a Perfect Rating

    The best NFL players featured on the Madden franchise earn their place in an exclusive fraternity. Here's a closer look at the Madden 99 Club.

    For two decades, the Madden video game franchise has allowed fans to build their own NFL franchise or score at will against opponents. But there’s one exclusive club many yearn to join: the Madden 99 Club. Every player wants a perfect 99 rating.

    Who is included in that club? And how does Madden determine their player ratings?

    Explaining the Madden 99 Club

    The Madden 99 Club is an exclusive group for only the most dominant NFL players. To join this club, a player must have a 99 overall rating in an edition of Madden.

    Per the creators of Madden, EA Sports: “The Madden 99 Club is an exclusive tier of NFL talent that represents the highest level of video game prestige, reserved solely for earned and maintained excellence on the field.”

    While Madden used to give out 100 overall ratings occasionally, these days, a 99 rating is the highest possible rating any NFL player can receive in the Madden franchise.

    How Does Madden Determine Player Ratings?

    The creators of every Madden game are annual NFL viewers. They’re cognizant of who dominates each week and who truly establishes themselves as a cornerstone for their team.

    They then turn to various metrics, calculating speed, jumping ability, field vision, pursuit angles, hit power, and even block shedding. All are measured to determine one’s overall rating and whether they can join the exclusive 99 Club.

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    “A 99 OVR is the maximum possible rating in Madden, and 99 Club status elevates a handful of players above even the most skilled superstars in the league,” EA Sports explained.

    Who Has Received a 99 Rating in Recent Years?

    Last year, there were five players who gained entry to the Madden 99 Club.

    Kansas City Chiefs teammates Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce both earned a spot in the 99 Club, and they were joined by Dallas Cowboys guard Zack Martin, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, and Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

    Madden started a tradition of giving a 99 chain to members of the 99 Club. Jefferson was presented his 99 chain in front of his teammates and coaches, as seen below.

    Prior to Jefferson, Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders was the last wide receiver to earn a 99 grade (in Madden NFL 23). In 2023, the only members of the 99 Club were Donald, Martin, San Francisco 49ers tackle Trent Williams, and Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.

    In Madden NFL 22, Mahomes, Kelce, Adams, Donald and Jalen Ramsey were the only players to earn a perfect rating.

    Other stars who have previously earned a 99 rating include Christian McCaffrey, DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski.

    In the past, Madden has given out triple-digit ratings to a select few players.

    Legendary 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice holds the title of having the highest rating ever. He was given an astonishing 189 overall rating for Madden NFL 98.

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    However, he’s not the only one to earn the 100 mark.

    NFL legends Barry Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, Mark Chmura, Tony Boselli, Mike Alstott, and Deion Sanders were also given 100 overall ratings. These ratings were given for Madden ’99 and Madden 2000, which marked the last time Madden had a rating above 99.

    Now, the 99 Club is the fraternity that NFL players want to be a part of. Who will be in the Madden 99 Club this year? Based on recent leaks, it appears that we’ll see Jefferson, Mahomes, Kelce, McCaffrey, and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill with a 99 rating.

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