What Does the UFL Stand For?

    After merging between the XFL and USFL, what does spring football's UFL stand for?

    Following several failed spring football league efforts over the years, the USFL and XFL completed their merger in November 2023 and formed a new spring football league: the UFL.

    With the league wrapping up its inaugural regular season and the UFL Championship right around the corner, what does UFL stand for?

    What Does the Spring Football League UFL Stand For?

    UFL stands for the United Football League, the spring football league founded on Dec. 31, 2023, as a merger of the XFL (which does not implicitly stand for anything) and the USFL (United States Football League).

    It consists of eight teams, four from the XFL and three from the USFL, plus a merger of the XFL and USFL’s Houston franchises.

    The CEO and President is Russ Brandon, with the league being owned by a group that includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The merger became official in September 2023.

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    The eight teams in the league include the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Roughnecks, Memphis Showboats, and Michigan Panthers in the USFL Conference, with the Arlington Renegades, D.C. Defenders, San Antonio Brahmas, and St. Louis Battlehawks in the XFL Conference.

    The XFL, which had been previously launched in 2001 by Vince McMahon and founded once again in 2017, was brought back in 2020 after Johnson, among others, purchased the league for $15 million. However, the COVID-19 outbreak bankrupted the league after just five weeks of play.

    The XFL did return to play in 2023 for one season before the merger. The NFL and XFL partnered together to focus on rules innovation and player development. The XFL would try new rules, with the NFL watching to see how things worked out. In terms of player development, players were always free to join the NFL after their XFL season ended.

    The USFL, on the other hand, was relaunched in 2022 by Brian Woods following the league’s stint in the 1980s. The modern version lasted two seasons before the merger, with the entire league playing in Birmingham, Ala., during the inaugural season and then in each of the league’s four host cities in 2023.

    It was the fifth attempt to launch a league using the USFL name.

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    The UFL features a 10-game regular season and a postseason. Four teams qualify for the playoffs, with the top two teams in each conference advancing to their respective conference championships.

    The Brahmas and Stallions will face off in the first-ever UFL Championship on June 16.

    The league has television deals with Fox Sports and ESPN, carrying over from the USFL and XFL broadcasting rights, respectively.

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