UFL vs. NFL Salaries: Comparing How Much Players, Coaches Make

Following the inaugural season of the UFL, let's take a look at the salaries of the coaches and players and compare them to the NFL.

The United Football League’s (UFL) inaugural season was largely considered a success. Now, many standout UFL players are hoping to turn their spring success into an NFL opportunity.

Let’s examine how much UFL players and coaches make, and how their salaries compare to those in the NFL.

UFL vs. NFL Salaries

During the 2024 season, UFL players on the active roster earned $5,500 per week, and the camp paychecks were $850 per week.

This is an increase from what players earned in the USFL, which was $5,350 per week during the season and $150 per week in camp.

In the past, quarterbacks have earned significantly more than their spring-league peers, but that’s not the case in the UFL. QBs are paid the exact same salary as everyone else, which is a big departure from the XFL, where they were reportedly earning between $200,000 and $400,000.

“Our quarterbacks are paid the same as everybody else,” UFL football operations chief Daryl Johnston told ESPN. “The approach is to be fiscally responsible there. We’ve gotten some pushback from some of them, which is understandable because they can say everybody knows how valuable this position is and how it should command a higher salary.

“We’re a start-up league trying to get our feet underneath us to be successful here and for a number of years moving forward. There’s a good argument for both sides. How do we manage this situation in a way that is positive and good for both sides of the equation? … It’s hard to thread that needle.”

The NFL’s highest-paid player is Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, who makes $55 million per year. The average quarterback’s salary is over $7 million.

While UFL players on the active roster earn $5,500 per week, any inactive players receive a weekly salary of $2,500. This remuneration structure ensures that all players, regardless of their playing status, receive a competitive wage during the season.

By comparison, the average salary of an NFL player is about $2.8 million, or roughly $53,000 per week.

During training camp, UFL players are compensated at a rate of $850 per week. In addition to their salaries, players receive a housing stipend of $1,600 per month, breaking down to $400 weekly.

Besides their regular pay, players can earn various bonuses attached to accolades such as Player of the Week (a $1,000 bonus), earning a spot on the All-UFL Team ($2,500), Player of the Year award ($5,000), and the coveted MVP award ($7,500).

While UFL players received a raise, the league’s coaches had to agree to a pay reduction in order to stick around. This caused some coaches to depart the UFL, including Hines Ward, who decided to move on from the San Antonio Brahmas. Wade Phillips took over as head coach of the Brahmas, leading them to the UFL Championship.

In 2023, XFL head coaches signed multi-year deals and earned six figures annually. However, these XFL coaches (including Phillips, Reggie Barlow, Anthony Becht, and Bob Stoops) all agreed to a future reduction in pay in order to coach in the UFL.

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The average salary for an NFL head coach as of 2023 is approximately $6.6 million annually. The average yearly salary of NFL assistant coaches is $5.5 million. Pay scales for the top 10 NFL head coaches range from $8 million to $12 million annually.

As the UFL continues to grow in popularity, it’s very possible that salaries and bonuses will continue to increase. However, it’s hard to imagine the UFL coming close to NFL salaries at any point in the near future.

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