Von Miller Landing Spots: Potential suitors for the Broncos pass rusher

The Denver Broncos have yet to decide on the future of Von Miller, but if he is released, what are his potential landing spots in NFL free agency? Let’s take a look at some possibilities for a player who would instantly become one of the biggest free agents available.

Von Miller landing spots in 2021

If Von Miller is released, it would be likely that most, if not all, teams would express interest. However, where are the top landing spots for Von Miller this offseason?

The Cleveland Browns could pair Von Miller with Myles Garrett

With Olivier Vernon on his way out of Cleveland, could Miller be a replacement there? Miller and Garrett would make for a terrifying duo when it comes to rushing the passer. Teams would have to pick their poison and potentially leave OTs in a one-on-one situation.

The Browns are a rising team in the AFC, and adding Miller could put them over the top. Additionally, playing opposite Garrett could be a benefit to Miller personally.

The Miami Dolphins could be looking for an edge rusher this offseason

The Dolphins have just traded Shaq Lawson to the Houston Texans. Therefore, they now need a pass rusher, making this an ideal landing spot for Von Miller. Playing opposite Emmanuel Ogbah would give Miller a solid complement in the front seven.

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With $33 million in salary cap space, the Dolphins also have the ability to give Miller a big payday. Signing in Miami could be the perfect combination of potential to earn and potential to win a Super Bowl.

The New York Jets could offer Von Miller a lot of money as a potential landing spot

If money is the driving factor for Miller, he will struggle to do better than the New York Jets. Both of the Jets’ top pass rushers are about to be free agents, so there is a clear need in terms of landing spots for Von Miller.

The issue for Miller will be how competitive the Jets are in the short to medium term. With questions surrounding the QB, would Miller be willing to sign up for a potential rebuild in New York? However, the Jets have around $70 million in cap space, and a big contract could diminish those concerns for Miller.

The Baltimore Ravens need to bolster their pass-rush options

If Von Miller is looking for a team on the verge of competing for the Super Bowl, the Ravens could be the ideal landing spot in free agency. The Ravens are ready to lose four pass rushers to free agency. However, with the likes of Calais Campbell on the roster, there is plenty of talent to attract Miller.

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The Ravens could be another perfect mix of potential success and financial reward. The Ravens have $27.4 million in salary cap space, with a limited number of needs from a free-agent perspective.

Could Von Miller replace Shaq Barrett in Tampa Bay?

The expectation is that Barrett will return to the Buccaneers. Simultaneously, if he were to leave, the Buccaneers would potentially be looking for a star to replace him. Von Miller would fit that role perfectly, making this an ideal landing spot.

The Buccaneers would likely give Miller a decent deal, while also offering the temptation of playing for the defending Super Bowl champion. Miller was instrumental in bringing Peyton Manning another Super Bowl. Could his next move help Tom Brady get his eighth?

What is Miller’s market value in the upcoming offseason?

Von Miller’s market value will very much depend on his landing spot, which will largely depend on what he is looking for. If he is looking to win again, perhaps he will take slightly less than market value for a year or two.

However, there are some places where he could compete and get paid. If those teams get involved, it could drive his price through the roof.

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Miller is coming off the heels of a deal with an average annual value of $19 million. It is not inconceivable someone could give him in the range of $17.5 million per year. Spotrac has Miller’s value at $10.3 million per year, which seems on the low side for a player of his ability.

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