Taylor Swift Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets: Here’s Why U.S. Sportsbooks Are Prohibited From Offering These Novelty Wagers

Taylor Swift-based Super Bowl 58 prop bets have been widely shared on social media this week, but is it actually legal to bet on them in America?

Taylor Swift has been heavily intertwined in the story of the current NFL season, and that will continue into Super Bowl 58. With Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs having made it to the big game, Swift is expected to be present in Allegiant Stadium, supporting the Chiefs.

Combine her expected presence with the heavy prop betting nature of the Super Bowl, and Swift-based prop bets have been a big part of the conversation in the build-up to the game in Las Vegas.

However, when you look at legal sportsbooks in America, props for Swift are hard to find. Let’s examine why that’s the case, and what Swift-based props have been published around the world.

Is It Legal To Bet on Taylor Swift Super Bowl 58 Prop Bets in America?

The simple answer when it comes to whether prop bets on Taylor Swift for the Super Bowl are legal in America is no, they are not.

The reason why was explained by Jeffrey Benson, the Director of Operations at Circa Sportsbook in Las Vegas, in the aftermath of the NFC and AFC Conference Championship Games.

For a type of bet to be considered legal in America, it has to be approved by the Gaming Control Board within each state. That is why you see variations in the types of bets that you can make in different areas of the country.

Given that individual states typically demand that any bets being offered are tied to an official statistic or outcome, it means props such as “How many times will Taylor Swift be shown?” cannot be offered because they are not handled by an official statistic.

Therefore, most of the bets you see offered that involve Swift directly in them are coming from offshore or overseas sportsbooks. Many of the earlier reported props this week were screenshots from Canadian sportsbooks, with more offshore books appearing in recent days.

Where sportsbooks can get clever though is giving player props that have a tie-in to Swift in some other way. They can do this by offering lines that have some kind of relationship with a song or an album name.

For example, will Travis Kelce have over or under 89 receiving yards? They have to be a little careful on that front, but there are ways sportsbooks can get creative if they want to.

Here are some of the Swift-themed prop bets that are available from DraftKings:

  • 22: Any Quarter to Have 22+ Points Scored (+400)
  • Anti-Hero: B. Purdy 250+ Pass Yards and 2+ Pass TDs (+200)
  • Deja Vu: KC Chiefs to Win by Exactly 11 Points (+3000)
  • Fearless: B. Purdy 300+ Pass Yards and 3+ Pass TDs, SF 49ers to Win (+1000)
  • Fifteen: P. Mahomes 15+ Rush Yards and 215+ Pass Yards (-140)
  • Friendship Bracelets: T. Kelce or K. Juszczyk to Score the 1st TD (+600)
  • Gold Rush: SF 49ers to Score 40+ Points (+750)
  • How You Get the Girl: T. Kelce to Score a TD in Each Half (+1000)
  • I Knew You Were Trouble: C. McCaffrey 150+ Rush+Rec Yards (+160)
  • Is It Over Now?: KC Chiefs To Lead by 14+ Points (+250)
  • Karma: T. Kelce 0 Receptions, SF 49ers to Win (+3000)
  • Look What You Made Me Do: KC Chiefs to Trail in the 4th Quarter and Win the Game (+500)
  • Love Story: KC Chiefs to Win, P. Mahomes and T. Kelce to Combine for All KC Chiefs TDs (+2000)
  • Mastermind: SF 49ers to Win and Rush for 200+ Yards (+600)
  • Mine: T. Kelce 87+ Receiving Yards (+190)
  • Red: KC Chiefs to Score 22+ Points in the 1st Half (+1200)
  • Run: T. Kelce 5+ Rush Yards (+1000)
  • Seven: Winning Margin to be Exactly 7 Points (+700)
  • Shake It Off: SF 49ers to Score First, KC Chiefs to Win (+350)
  • The Last Great American Dynasty: KC Chiefs to Win by 22+ Points (+1200)
  • Today Was a Fairytale: T. Kelce to Score a TD and KC Chiefs to Win (+240)
  • Two Is Better Than One: 2 Successful 2 Point Conversions (+1200)
  • Wildest Dreams: T. Kelce to Score the 1st & Last TD (+2500)
  • You Belong With Rashee: T. Kelce or R. Rice to Score a TD in the 1st Half (+120)
  • You Need To Calm Down: B. Purdy 200+ 1st Half Pass Yards (+800)

What Swift-Based Prop Bets Have Been Made Available?

There have been several Swift-based Super Bowl 58 prop bets advertised this week. Some are actual props that are available somewhere in the world, while others are fabricated for entertainment purposes.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite Swift-based prop bets that you could track for your or your family’s enjoyment on Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Will Swift wear a Travis Kelce jersey during the game?
  • What will be the primary color of Swift’s top during Super Bowl 58?
  • Will Swift wear an outfit made by Kyle Juszcyck’s wife?
  • Will Swift or Jason Kelce be shown first during the National Anthem?
  • How many times will Swift be shown live?
  • How long will Swift be shown live during the game?
  • In what quarter will Swift be shown live for the first time?
  • Who will be the first person to be shown next to Swift during Super Bowl 58?
  • Will Swift be shown more times or will Travis Kelce have more catches?
  • Will Swift be in a Super Bowl commercial?

That is just a flavor of the many prop bets that have been made available around the world involving Swift. There are many more available which range from her journey from Tokyo to the post-Super Bowl ceremony.

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Any question you can think of about Swift and the Super Bowl, and there is likely a prop bet available for it somewhere.

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