Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule 2021: Dates, times, win/loss prediction for 17-game schedule

What is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2021 NFL schedule, how many primetime games do they play, and who are the toughest and easiest opponents on their schedule this season?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preseason Schedule

All times listed below are Eastern Time.

PS1: vs. Bengals | 7:30 PM
PS2: vs. Titans | 7:30 PM
PS3: at Texans | 8 PM

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule | 2021 Regular Season

All days are Sunday unless otherwise noted. All times listed below are Eastern Time.

Week 1: vs. Cowboys | TNF | 8:20 PM | NBC
Week 2: vs. Falcons | 4:05 PM | FOX
Week 3: at Rams | 4:25 PM | FOX
Week 4: at Patriots | 8:20 PM | NBC
Week 5: vs. Dolphins | 1 PM | CBS
Week 6: at Eagles | TNF | 8:20 PM | FOX/NFLN/Amazon
Week 7: vs. Bears | 4:25 PM | CBS
Week 8: at Saints | 4:25 PM | FOX
Week 9: Bye
Week 10: at Washington | 1 PM | FOX
Week 11: vs. Giants | MNF | 8:15 PM | ESPN
Week 12: at Colts | 1 PM | FOX
Week 13: at Falcons | 1 PM | FOX
Week 14: vs. Bills | 4:25 PM | CBS
Week 15: vs. Saints | 8:20 PM | NBC
Week 16: at Panthers | 1 PM | FOX
Week 17:
at Jets | 1 PM | FOX
Week 18:
vs. Panthers | 1 PM | FOX

How many primetime games do the Buccaneers play in 2021?

The Buccaneers will play five primetime games in 2021. They will be against the Cowboys in Week 1, Patriots in Week 4, Eagles in Week 6, Giants in Week 11, and Saints in Week 15.

When is the Buccaneers’ bye week?

The Buccaneers’ bye is in Week 9.

Buccaneers’ strength of schedule and win/loss prediction

In a somewhat strange twist of fate, the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a schedule that ties for the fourth easiest in the NFL in 2021. They benefit from having won the Super Bowl after finishing second in their division but also having the NFC East on their schedule.

Toughest opponents

The Buccaneers’ 2021 schedule contains just three games against teams that are projected to win double-digit games this season. Meanwhile, they managed to avoid the top two teams in terms of projected Vegas win totals in the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

Their three games come against the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, and Indianapolis Colts. Back in 2002, Tampa Bay defeated the 49ers on the way to their first Super Bowl.

However, it is their quarterback Tom Brady who has the history against both the Bills and Colts. In the past decade, Brady has consistently had the number of both teams. Tampa Bay will likely feel comfortable in a potential victory heading into any of these three games.

Easiest opponents

The low strength of schedule ranking of the Buccaneers’ 2021 schedule is due to six games against teams projected to win seven games or fewer. Two of those games come against the Atlanta Falcons, who the Buccaneers beat twice in three weeks last season.

The other four games come against teams with intriguing QB situations in the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and New York Jets. The Bears and Jets could both potentially be starting rookie QBs in Justin Fields and Zach Wilson. Meanwhile, the Eagles and Giants’ young QBs have a lot to prove in 2021. All four of those games are ones that the Buccaneers would expect to come out of with a victory.

2021 season prediction

Barring injuries to key players, it is hard to see how the Buccaneers do not win their division given their weak 2021 schedule. Once the offense clicked with Brady under center, they became a very tough team to beat. They have brought back all of their starters from last season, meaning they should hit the ground running in 2021.

There will not be a game on this schedule in 2021 that the Buccaneers will not feel they can win. They proved last season they can win on the road, whether that be in favorable or unfavorable conditions. This team should be the team to beat in the NFC once again this season.

Projected 2021 record: 14-3

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