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    Which Teams Are Favored to Win Super Bowl 59? Breaking Down the Latest Betting Odds

    It is never too early to look at Super Bowl 59 odds, but which teams are the favorites, and who could be intriguing longer-priced options?

    The NFL world never stops spinning, and before this Super Bowl even starts, all 32 franchises will be starting to plot their path to Super Bowl 59. While the players and coaches of teams still alive in the previous season will be focused on the next game, the back office and scouts are already busy planning for next season.

    You could say the same when it comes to NFL betting. Already you can wager on next year’s Super Bowl, along with other futures markets. Let’s take a look at the early Super Bowl 59 odds, which teams are favored to win it all next year, and which teams might be intriguing outsiders to lift the Lombardi Trophy.

    Which Teams Have the Best Odds To Win Super Bowl 59?

    San Francisco 49ers +550

    The San Francisco 49ers being installed as early favorites for Super Bowl 59 makes a lot of sense. They have had a superb season, ranking third in the NFL in both points for and points against.

    During an interview with PFN on Radio Row, FTN Fantasy’s Aaron Schatz stated that “The [Baltimore] Ravens and 49ers this year were both among the top 10 teams ever measured by DVOA going back to 1981.” That is incredibly impressive and underlines just how strong the 49ers have been in the 2023-24 season.

    When you then look at the 49ers free agents and salary cap situation, there is further reason for optimism. They barely have any big names set to hit the open market this year, and while they don’t have tons of salary cap room right now, they have a path to open up more cap space with relative ease.

    The 49ers are in that incredible position of potentially having minimal losses and being able to make additions to one of the best rosters in the NFL. If they spend wisely this offseason, they could be a juggernaut in 2024.

    Kansas City Chiefs +700

    At this stage, how do you not bet on the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl? The Chiefs have played in four of the last five Super Bowls and made it to the conference championship game in all of the last six seasons. Even in an “off” year, they made it back, beating the top two seeds in the AFC in the playoffs.

    They do have some major questions to answer this offseason. Chris Jones and L’Jarius Sneed are the headline Chiefs’ free agents, but they also have other players who could be on their way out, leaving a major gap in their team. The good news is that they have the cap space to retain some players and make additions.

    Baltimore Ravens +850

    We already touched upon how good the Baltimore Ravens were this past season. They had the fourth-best scoring offense and the best-scoring defense in the league. The Ravens dominated a number of key statistics this year and ran over some very good teams during the regular season.

    The list of Ravens free agents includes some names of interest, but none of their biggest stars look set to be leaving this offseason. Cap space could be a little bit of an issue, and it is hard to back them too strongly after they failed to convert a historically dominant season into a Championship pendant.

    Buffalo Bills +1100

    The Buffalo Bills make it three AFC teams in the top four in terms of odds for Super Bowl 59. That probably reflects the high expectations of the 49ers more so than anything else, but there is no denying the AFC is pretty tight at the top. Any of the Chiefs, Bills, or Ravens could easily have made it to the Super Bowl this past season.

    The Bills’ free agents include the likes of Gabe Davis, Micah Hyde, and Leonard Floyd. Those are important pieces, but they are not superstars by any means. The biggest issue for the Bills is that their cap situation is a mess, sitting at more than $50 million in the red as of early February.

    It could be a rough offseason in Buffalo, and that could have a lasting effect in terms of depths and a late-season run. It is tough to bite on these odds with the Bills, but it is also hard to write off Josh Allen.

    Which Teams Have the Most Intriguing Odds to Win Super Bowl 59

    The intriguing value for Super Bowl futures can often be found in the +1500 to +3000 range of the odds. That is the case once again, as that group contains some teams that are hard to judge.

    You have the Dallas Cowboys (+1600), the Philadelphia Eagles (+1800), and the Miami Dolphins (+2000), who ultimately disappointed last season. Then you have the teams who finished last year strongly, such as the Green Bay Packers (+2200) and Houston Texans (+2200).

    Ahead of Super Bowl 58, PFN spoke to two senior traders for Caesars Sportsbook who discussed how difficult these exact teams are to price when it comes to Super Bowl futures.

    “As far as the toughest teams, obviously you are looking at the teams like the Packers, the Texans,” stated Adam Pullen, assistant director of trading. “The teams who have made that leap this year.”

    “The same thing that happened with the Lions last year. The Lions, before the season started, were an incredibly popular bet to win the Super Bowl, just because they finished so strongly, just barely missing the playoffs.”

    “The Packers and the Texans impressed a lot of people, young quarterbacks, they are on the way up, so it is pricing them, I wouldn’t say it is difficult, but those are the ones you have to pay attention to because you know that is who the public is going to want to bet on.”

    A little bit lower on the list are some teams in flux. We saw good things from the likes of the Minnesota Vikings (+4000) and Atlanta Falcons (+5000) in flashes during the season. However, both have uncertain futures at the QB position, presenting intriguing value for bettors.

    “Teams that are in need of a quarterback, like the Falcons,” said Pullen. “Kirk Cousins as much maligned as he has been, he is a great quarterback, has put up great numbers. So obviously, he is going to alter the odds of whatever team he signs with.”

    “It is all based on quarterbacks. Last year, Rodgers was a key focus. Quarterbacks are the ones who move the needle — other players, not so much. Kirk Cousins, he is probably going to be the featured guy there that is everyone is looking at.”

    At the bottom end of the list are the teams who could be looking to draft a quarterback this year in the draft. VP of Trading at Caesars Craig Mucklow discussed how the likes of the Chicago Bears (+5000), New England Patriots (+15000), and Washington Commanders (+15000) could see their odds jump if they land Caleb Williams.

    “The one that sticks out for me is the C.J. Stroud impact this year. Whoever takes Caleb Williams first this year, because they are not great teams, they’re big odds. We saw that last year with the Houston Texans, 200-1, and look what he did. A rookie coming out and performing well. There were even talks for MVP this year. Whoever takes Caleb Williams, they will be big odds, and they will be popular.”

    Full List of Super Bowl 59 Odds

    Odds courtesy of ESPN BET

    • San Francisco 49ers +550
    • Kansas City Chiefs +700
    • Baltimore Ravens +850
    • Buffalo Bills +1100
    • Detroit Lions +1100
    • Cincinnati Bengals +1400
    • Dallas Cowboys +1600
    • Philadelphia Eagles +1800
    • Miami Dolphins +2000
    • Green Bay Packers +2200
    • Houston Texans +2200
    • New York Jets +2500
    • Los Angeles Chargers +2500
    • Jacksonville Jaguars +3500
    • Los Angeles Rams +3500
    • Cleveland Browns +4000
    • Minnesota Vikings +4000
    • Chicago Bears +4000
    • Atlanta Falcons +5000
    • Indianapolis Colts +5000
    • Seattle Seahawks +7500
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7500
    • Pittsburgh Steelers +7500
    • Las Vegas Raiders +7500
    • Denver Broncos +7500
    • New Orleans Saints +75000
    • Arizona Cardinals +10000
    • Washington Commanders +15000
    • New York Giants +15000
    • New England Patriots +15000
    • Tennessee Titans +15000
    • Carolina Panthers +25000

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