2023 NFL Draft Odds: When Will Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Be Drafted?

Stetson Bennett has a lot of buzz coming off back-to-back national championships. Is the buzz good, or is it more old-age jokes?

Stetson Bennett is one of the more talked about prospects in the upcoming NFL draft. The two-time national champion brings an impressive résumé to the table for NFL teams to consider. Yet, his name is never discussed among the top QBs available in this draft. The answer as to why could very well lie in the tale of the tape. Is it possible his college résumé is swaying fans into thinking he is better than he is? What do the betting odds say?

Current NFL Draft Odds for Stetson Bennett

We can look to DraftKings for the list of odds on where, or if, Stetson Bennett gets drafted. The best odds say he doesn’t get drafted at all. Those odds are +100. It gets progressively worse for Bennett’s chances round by round. The longest odds are a selection in the first round at a whopping +7500.

That means if you put $100 on Bennett getting drafted in the first round, you would get back $7,600. The odds take a massive jump between the fifth and fourth rounds. For Bennett to get drafted in the fifth round, you are looking at odds of +475. Just one round earlier? +1000.

It only gets longer from there. The odds took another massive jump in the third round with +2500, and they doubled in the second round at +5000. Suffice it to say, oddsmakers do not have a high opinion of Bennett’s draft chances.

  • First Round +7500
  • Second Round +5000
  • Third Round +2500
  • Fourth Round +1000
  • Fifth Round +475
  • Sixth Round +350
  • Seventh Round +200
  • Not Drafted +100

When Will Bennett Be Drafted?

So, where will Bennett get selected on draft day? His résumé is impressive. He’s a back-to-back national champion. He is the first quarterback in Georgia history to achieve that accomplishment. It was a storybook college career for Bennett as he grew up a die-hard Georgia fan. But the story may not have a happy ending if the goal is hearing his name early on draft night.

Ranked 237 overall and 10th at quarterback on the PFN NFL Draft Big Board, the 25-year-old is the same age or older than several NFL quarterbacks who have been in the league for a few years. To put it in perspective, Bennett is older than the 24-year-old Jalen Hurts, who just led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl … in his third NFL season.

Hurts isn’t the only one. Last year’s Super Bowl runner-up Joe Burrow is also in his third season and is six weeks younger than Bennett. Young guns that the league is very high on, like Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa, are also several months younger than Bennett and entering their fourth NFL season. They were drafted months before Bennett ever played a snap for Georgia.

Age is not the only factor working against the Georgia QB. Physically, he doesn’t stack up in stature. He is under six feet tall and under 200 pounds. If you are going to be undersized, and older than typical, you had better be a freak athlete. Bennett … is not.

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That said, I believe Bennett will hear his name called before the NFL draft has concluded. He comes from a winning culture, and NFL teams love to be surrounded by winning. From all accounts, Bennett would make a great addition to a locker room. On top of that, we know he is not afraid of the big moments should he ever be called upon.

Don’t forget, in the right environment, a late-round quarterback pick can flourish. The 2022 NFL Draft’s Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, just helped the 49ers get within a game of the Super Bowl. Ultimately, I would put the under/over of where Bennett gets drafted in the fifth round. I think he likely goes in the sixth, but he’s certainly a Day 3 pick, no matter what. I think a team takes a flier on him late.

Who knows, maybe Bennett’s legend will continue to grow, and he pulls off the unexpected. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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