Redraft season is in full swing here at PFN, so with that in mind, from now until the start of the season, we’re doing a Mock Draft Monday series. Each week we’ll do a mock draft and analyze strategies and values to best prepare you for your own drafts. To start, here’s a 2020 fantasy football mock draft for a non-PPR, 1QB, shallow roster league.

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2020 Fantasy Football Mock Draft – Introduction

For this particular 2020 fantasy football mock draft, I’ll be drafting from the third spot and will go through some of my thoughts for each pick. I will also be taking a zero WR approach, meaning I won’t be taking a WR until the sixth round at the earliest. This mock draft requires 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2Flex, so only 8 starters. Let’s ease into things, shall we?

We had a couple of PFN staff members as well as some of our followers on Twitter participate this week. If you want to be in next week’s article, keep an eye out for the mock draft link, usually sent out on Thursday or Friday. Without further adieu, let’s get into it!

2020 fantasy football mock draft
Mock Draft Monday: Draft Board via Sleeper

Rounds 1-4

As I said, I am taking the zero WR strategy for this draft, so when Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley went 1 and 2, my choice at 3 was easy: RB Ezekiel Elliott. He’s most people’s third option overall and an easy choice for redraft leagues.

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As the draft proceeded, it wasn’t shocking to see so many running backs go off the board before my next pick. In redraft, RBs are king, and passing on them early is a strategy that some deploy. It’s not one I’m a fan of, personally. I was happy to get Aaron Jones as my second pick.

After the quick turn, I was left looking at James Conner, Melvin Gordon, Chris Carson, and others in the RB group, but I felt like one of the best pure runners in the league was on the board still in QB Lamar Jackson. Yes, it’s a 1QB league, so yes, this is a little early, but I like taking a top talent at a position when things feel “blah” at the others, so this was a pretty straightforward option to me.

In the fourth, I stuck with my zero WR strategy and grabbed RB Todd Gurley at 4.10. If he stays healthy he could easily be a top 5 RB, even in non-PPR formats, so as my RB3/Flex I couldn’t be happier. Now he just needs to make it through the entire season in one piece.

Rounds 5-8

After another quick turn, I decided to take TE Zach Ertz as my tight end. He’s a perfect redraft TE option at this range because he’s going to get targets and should produce well this year. In dynasty, there are more question marks, but for redraft, I love his outlook in 2020.

Starting in the sixth round I finally broke the seal on wide receivers and selected WR DeVante Parker, WR Jarvis Landry, and WR Julian Edelman in a row. All three of these guys are considered better targets in PPR leagues due to their target volume, but at this stage of the draft, I felt like they were terrific values to get both yards and touchdowns this year.

Rounds 9-12

In these later rounds, with my starting lineup already filled up, it’s time to look for upside bench players that could blow up early in the season. Generally, I prefer players that I can drop in Week 1 or 2 for breakout players if they don’t perform well, which almost always includes a rookie or two.

In the ninth, I took RB Alexander Mattison who could be a great option for Minnesota if they decide to limit Dalvin Cook’s touches out of the gate. In the tenth, I took rookie WR Henry Ruggs, who is another player that could ball out early and be a steal at that price. After that, I took RB Latavius Murray and WR Golden Tate, respectively. Neither are flashy players, but they could be worthy trade pieces if nothing else.


2020 fantasy football mock draft
Mock Draft Monday: Starting Roster from the 3 spot

Through 12 rounds I wound up with 5 RBs, 5 WRs, 1 TE, and 1 QB, which leads to a very well balanced team overall. I would say that the zero WR strategy played out perfectly and allowed me to load up at the other positions with superior talent. I feel like my team is set up to win early in the season but also has the depth to win it all. I definitely love drafting from the three spot!

So what do you think of this 2020 fantasy football mock draft? How’d I do? What picks would you have done differently? What strategy do you prefer in your redraft leagues? Let me know or hit me up on Twitter to discuss, and keep your eyes open for more mock drafts from the team at PFN.

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Andrew Hall is a writer for PFN covering the NFL and Fantasy Football. You can follow him on Twitter: @AndrewHallFF.