Who Is Spencer Rattler’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Yazmina Gonzalez

    As Spencer Rattler prepares for the NFL, one woman has been by his side for a lengthy period. Meet his girlfriend Yazmina Gonzalez.

    When Spencer Rattler finds out where his NFL career will be starting, he’s expected to have his family and girlfriend by his side. Meet Yazmina Gonzalez and learn more about her relationship with Rattler.

    Does Spencer Rattler Have a Girlfriend?

    Gonzalez is the woman who’s been linked to the South Carolina quarterback as he prepares for his NFL career.

    She happens to be an athlete herself. Gonzalez played volleyball for Pinnacle High and later Scottsdale Community College in the 2019-2020 season. Much like Rattler, Gonzalez tried doing her part in promoting herself to prospective coaches by uploading her highlights on YouTube. While playing close to the net, Gonzalez pounded 344 kills and added 312 digs at the junior college level.

    She and Rattler both share Scottsdale ties, too. Rattler grew up and starred at the high school level in the same region of Gonzalez.

    Her collegiate career came to a halt after SCC, but she’s grown popular on social media with more than 18,000 Instagram followers and over 4,000 TikTok followers. She’s become known for posting beach photos and workout videos.

    Gonzalez has one more social media account which shares her support of Rattler. That’s her X (formerly known as Twitter) handle. However, her followers — fewer than 750 — are not as robust as her other accounts.

    A Look at Rattler and Gonzalez’s Relationship Timeline

    Rattler and Gonzalez have kept a rather low profile when it comes to their relationship. They come off as the kind of couple who don’t post every day, with their last public photo surfacing this past Valentine’s Day.

    Rattler helped treat Gonzalez to a candlelit dinner that the former JUCO volleyball player captured. She took to her personal Instagram to post a story of her night out — which features an appearance from the Gamecocks passer himself clad in black and a necklace.

    It appears Rattler settled for water but helped take a bite out of a tasty dessert at the unknown venue.

    Who Is Spencer Rattler's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Yazmina Gonzalez

    The two have been together for 10 years — meaning Rattler’s relationship with her began in 2014 when both were Pinnacle High freshmen.

    The couple have stayed together throughout Rattler’s time as a collegiate star on the gridiron. That includes his brief run with the University of Oklahoma.

    Was Gonzalez Featured in the Netflix Documentary That Starred Rattler?

    Before Rattler became known as an intriguing NFL Draft prospect under center, he rose to fame in the world of Netflix. He was among the high-profile prep quarterbacks featured in “QB1: Beyond The Lights,” which chronicled his senior season at Pinnacle.

    Gonzalez was indeed a part of the documentary series. The show shined a light on not only Rattler’s much-debated practice habits and interaction with his teammates but also showed his life off the field — including spending time with his parents and Gonzalez.

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    In the 10 years since their freshman year at Pinnacle, Gonzalez has remained a loyal, supportive girlfriend of Rattler while building her brand on social media. She’s likely going to have cameras on her during the moment Rattler learns his NFL fate.

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