Cam Hart and Dylan Laube See Stock Rising After Day 3 at the 2024 Senior Bowl

Brenden Rice, Dominick Puni, Dylan Laube, and Justin Eboigbe lead off our final batch of Senior Bowl risers as the 2024 NFL Draft showcase concludes.

Which 2024 NFL Draft prospects impressed during Day 3 of Senior Bowl practices? And which prospects left more to be desired on the final day of work? Another day has passed, and a new batch of “Stock Up, Stock Down” players has arrived.

Senior Bowl Day 3 Stock Up

Brenden Rice, WR, USC

It’s always a positive sign when prospects build sequentially through all three days of Senior Bowl practice. It’s even more positive when they have the physical tools and competitive mentality that Brenden Rice has.

Rice’s first day was very much up and down, but he flashed a bit more as a separator on Wednesday. On Thursday, he put it all together. And with Roman Wilson sitting out the final day, Rice was arguably the best WR through both practices.

At 6’2″, 212 pounds, Rice showed off his contested catch ability, winning through contact and, at one point, mossing Notre Dame’s Cam Hart with incredible vertical athleticism and coordination. But he also used his twitch, agility, explosiveness, and fast feet to separate, and he made difficult catches in stride, working beyond his frame.

Rice already had notoriety coming into Mobile as the son of Jerry Rice, but now, teams can start to formulate a vision for the younger Rice as a weapon of his own. Day 2 capital could be possible, and this week was a catalyst.

Dominick Puni, OL, Kansas

As dramatic as some of the Senior Bowl risers were this year, there was only one prospect who was on our “Stock Up” list for three practices and counting: Kansas offensive lineman Dominick Puni.

Puni was a sturdy lineman on Day 1. On Day 2, he locked down another standout in Gabe Hall and took quality reps at center. Then, on Day 3, he put together a complete performance. He used his quick feet, forceful hands, and leverage to win in 1-on-1s, and in team drills, he was terrific in both phases.

In pass protection, Puni stymied power rushers and kept the pocket clean, and in the run game, he climbed to the second level and sealed off defenders with ease. Puni was already in the Day 2 mix, but he might’ve locked himself into early-round range in Mobile.

Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama

For the majority of his college career, Justin Eboigbe was known as an elite run defender first. Then he logged seven sacks and 11.5 tackles for loss in his final season. And then he rolled up and dominated the competition on Day 3 of the Senior Bowl.

At 6’4″, 292 pounds, with near-33″ arms, Eboigbe has a massive frame with great strength and power capacity, and he used those traits to terrorize the American Team’s interior lineup. He wrenched Javion Cohen off-balance with a push-pull but also used surprising quickness to beat Andrew Raym with a swim.

The NFL always loves Alabama defensive linemen, and there’s already a lot to like with Eboigbe, regardless. Don’t be surprised if he goes higher than expected.

Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire

It was remarkable how well the entire RB group performed at the Senior Bowl for the 2024 NFL Draft cycle. But on Day 3, New Hampshire’s Dylan Laube separated himself as a legitimate riser.

At 5’10”, 210 pounds, Laube ran immaculate routes in 1-on-1s, making it look easy with his spatial awareness, throttle control, and bend capacity. Then, in team drills, he was able to splice through gaps with his vision and finish runs with his strong, energetic lower half.

Chau Smith-Wade, CB, Washington State

There were many notable CB performances on Day 3 of Senior Bowl practices, but Chau Smith-Wade was up near the top of the list.

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Not only did Smith-Wade nab a high-flying interception after asserting lockdown coverage on Jacob Cowing, but he also used his quickness, recovery freedom, and tight physicality to stack successful reps as a slot CB, too. His projected versatility could be appealing to teams.

Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon

At almost 6’4″ and 203 pounds, Khyree Jackson truly looms large amongst the other defensive backs, and on Thursday, he did so with his play as well. Jackson had his best day yet, maximizing his traits with patience and sudden jabs to corral receiving threats. His best rep came in the red zone against Tez Walker, where he used his length and aggression to obstruct the catch process.

Chris Braswell, EDGE, Alabama

Coming into Senior Bowl week, Chris Braswell’s speed-to-power element was widely known as one of his best qualities. But through 1-on-1s on Thursday, he showed he could not only win in other ways — with swims and swipes — but also that he could stay consistent as a second-effort rusher, winning later in the rep with high energy and effort.

Max Melton, CB, Rutgers

The cornerback group at the Senior Bowl was stocked to the brim with quality prospects, but Max Melton threw his hat in the ring as a riser on Thursday. He’d been solid all throughout the week, but on Thursday, his patience shined through in press-man coverage. Melton has the foot speed and quickness to match receivers, and his recovery speed helps him close gaps quickly.

JD Bertrand, LB, Notre Dame

JD Bertrand might not rise above Day 3 range, but Thursday was a good way for him to close out the week. Bertrand won over coaches quickly with his energy and focus, and on the final day of practice, it started to transfer over to his play.

In coverage drills, Bertrand effectively squared up pass catchers at stems and was able to effectively match and carry in space. And in run drills, he filled gaps well, flowing to the line and using his frame to occlude lanes.

Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame

Bertrand wasn’t the only Notre Dame player to take steps forward on Thursday. Cam Hart also ended the week on a high note.

Although Rice beat Hart at the catch point on one 50/50 rep, Hart was able to win most of his 1-on-1 reps with his smothering length and patient, targeted physicality. His best rep came against Javon Baker in off-man — a picture-perfect catch technique rep and contest at the catch point.

Isaiah Davis, RB, South Dakota State

Isaiah Davis may have been a Jackrabbit in college, but he functions more like a jackhammer behind the line of scrimmage. During Thursday’s practice, he was decisive choosing lanes and physical as a finisher — two of his trademarks from his time in college — and he also ran sharp, efficient routes, showing off his third-down upside.

Carlton Johnson, CB, Fresno State

For his second day of the week, Carlton Johnson earned “Stock Up” status for his play. He picked off Spencer Rattler on Day 1 and recorded a top speed over a blistering 22 MPH. And on Day 3, he locked down several targets in 1-on-1s with his crisp short-area agility, burst, and physicality.

He did get flagged for holding on one rep, but he didn’t back away from any challenges, and he played the ball all the way through the catch.

Jackson Sirmon, LB, California

The Senior Bowl is especially valuable for under-the-radar prospects, and Jackson Sirmon made his presence known throughout the week as such. He had a solid week all-around, but Day 3 was his best outing.

He intercepted a pass from Joe Milton by reading the QB’s eyes in front of a quick slant, and he also provided smooth coverage on crossers later on.

Jaheim Bell, TE, Florida State

Jaheim Bell’s versatility and RAC utility are widely known. It’s a big reason why the 6’2″, 244-pound hybrid tight end is such a popular prospect. But on Day 3 of Senior Bowl practices, his ability to separate independently as a route runner in the red zone was on full display.

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His instant explosiveness helps, but he also has the agility to off-set backs and the bend and flexibility to accelerate into open spaces. His soft hands helped him finish, too.

Will Reichard, K, Alabama

How about a little love for the special teams players? Will Reichard, college football’s all-time leading points scorer, had his moment during Thursday’s practice. Through a quick special teams period, the 6’0″, 191-pound Reichard made five straight field goals and ended with a 52-yard field goal — tying for his career-high — right down the middle.

Senior Bowl Day 3 Stock Down

Which 2024 NFL Draft prospects left more to be desired on Day 3 of the Senior Bowl? All of these prospects have plenty of time to regain momentum before the NFL Draft, but Thursday’s practice presented questions.

Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

Bo Nix had his good moments on Day 3, but for a QB who was regarded as a fringe first-round passer coming into the Senior Bowl, you would’ve liked to see him stand out more than he did.

There was still a sense that Nix wasn’t completely comfortable on pure dropbacks, and low misses still proved to be an issue at times. Nix’s overall stock likely won’t change much — good or bad — and he likely interviewed well. But his inability to take this opportunity and run with it can be viewed as a loss.

Joe Milton, QB, Tennessee

After putting together a few respectable reps on Day 2 of Senior Bowl practices, Joe Milton regressed a bit on Day 3. He threw a red zone interception right to Sermon, with his eyes failing to spot the looming LB.

And later, when he tried to hit corner end zone throws, he sailed throws past his targets with too much velocity. The concerns that Milton may be too volatile to expand past schemed passes still remain.

Charles Turner, OL, LSU

It’s easy to see the appeal with Charles Turner, and it’s easy to see why Turner will likely be a developmental draft pick for teams. At 6’3 1/2″ and 300 pounds, with near-34″ arms, Turner has an awesome mix of leverage and length.

But play strength was an issue when he attempted to anchor on Thursday, and he also played too upright at times, letting defenders into his frame and giving up ground.

Willie Drew, CB, Virginia State

For Willie Drew, an FCS prospect, simply getting exposure in front of NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl was a win. The Virginia State product clearly has the athletic talent, but he’s still putting things together at NFL speed.

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In 1-on-1s on Thursday, he was prone to wasted motion in off-man, and he struggled to get his head around and track the ball while keeping speed.

Jaylin Simpson, DB, Auburn

Jaylin Simpson has a lot of appeal at the next level as a versatile safety, but his man coverage translatability was put under the microscope on Thursday.

Simpson routinely played a bit too high at stems and sometimes lacked the fluidity to recover quickly when receivers worked across his face. For a DB as lean as he is, winning the space battle is non-negotiable. He still has work to do there.

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