Ranking the Best Games of the 2023 NFL Season: The Kansas City Chiefs in Conference Championship and Super Bowl Rematches Lead the Way

    Get ready for an epic season with the 11 best NFL games that you can't miss! From division rivalries to Super Bowl rematches, we've got you covered.

    The NFL is the ultimate reality TV show. The schedule is made up of 272 games across 18 weeks and 32 teams. That means we are guaranteed to get several amazing games and matchups. With new faces in new places, and the current powerhouses returning to the top, the 2023-2024 version of the NFL promises to be one the most exciting. Here are the best games of the NFL season.

    Ranking the Top 11 Games of the 2023 NFL Season

    11) Red Dead Redemption: Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

    Last year, the Cowboys were supposed to take a step forward in their quest for a Super Bowl. Instead, they saw their division rival battle for the Lombardi Trophy. Did Dallas do enough to unseat Philly? If they did, this could be one of the best games of the NFL season.

    10) Battle for New Jersey: New York Giants vs. New York Jets

    Let’s be honest, neither of these teams do anything in New York. They play in New Jersey, practice in New Jersey, and most of them live in New Jersey. Nevertheless, this battle of New Jersey could end up as one of the best games of the NFL season.

    9) Test of the Best: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Miami Dolphins

    The Miami Dolphins briefly looked like a Super Bowl contender last year with a healthy Tua Tagovailoa. One way to find out if that’s still the case is to play the defending champs. Miami will get their shot to swing at the king. Will they miss?

    8) Battle for Daboll: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills

    Brian Daboll is the head coach in New York in large part due to how he developed Josh Allen in Buffalo. At times last year, Allen looked like he missed Daboll’s tutelage.

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    In New York, Daniel Jones occasionally looked like he was the direct beneficiary. When this game is played, we get to see the direct correlation play itself out on the field in what is going to be one of the best games of the 2023 season.

    7) GOAT vs. Baby GOAT: New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    Aaron Rodgers patented the modern version of the off-platform, drop-it-in-the-bucket, outside-the-pocket assassin style of QB play. He rode it to several MVPs, a Super Bowl, and All-Pro selections. Now he brings it to the Big Apple.

    Patrick Mahomes has perfected that style of play in Kansas City en route to two MVPs, two Super Bowls, and two Super Bowl MVPs. This matchup may be the last time we see these two on the same field. We should savor it.

    6) Battle for New York: Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

    Josh Allen. Aaron Rodgers. AFC East potentially on the line. This has all the makings of a must-see matchup in 2023.

    5) AFC East Beasts: Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins

    The Bills and Dolphins met three times last year, including the postseason. A combined eight points decided all three games.

    The Dolphins almost pulled off two upsets in Buffalo. If Tua is healthy, the battle for the AFC East will go down to the wire and may be as exciting a division battle as the NFL has to offer in 2023-2024, making this one of the best games of the season.

    4) King of the North: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens

    The Ravens not only resolved their issues with Lamar Jackson but added some receiving help around him. The Bengals have been to two consecutive AFC Championship Games and seem to own the division.

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    The issue has been that Jackson has missed three of the last four matchups between these two teams. If he can stay healthy, this is the new AFC North rivalry worth paying attention to.

    3) Modern Classics: Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    This game never disappoints and is always one of the best games of the NFL season. Two high-octane quarterbacks, points on points on points, and above all else, this game typically decides the No. 1 seed in the conference. The 2023-2024 version is sure to live up to the historical hype.

    2) Super Bowl Rematch: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    It’s not often we get to see two teams leave it all on the field against one another in the Super Bowl and then turn around months later and fight it out again. That will happen in 2023-2024 when the Chiefs and Eagles take the field.

    This game promises to be in prime time, and while also being a rematch, could also foreshadow next year’s Super Bowl.

    What Is the Best Game of the 2023 NFL Season?

    Real Hatred: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

    This is a rematch of the last two AFC Championship Games, with each team having won one. It’s a high likelihood we see this matchup again in the AFC Championship for a third consecutive year.

    These teams genuinely do not like each other. It isn’t manufactured. It shows during the game, which always comes down to the final drive — making it the best game of the 2023-2024 season.

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