More Star Power on Undisputed – Rachel Nichols the latest guest on Skip Bayless’ Polarizing Show

    Former ESPN anchor and reporter Rachel Nichols is the latest star to join Skip Bayless' hit FS1 show, 'Undisputed.'

    No doubt about it, Skip Bayless and Co. are coming back with a bang. Since the relaunch of Undisputed last week, the amount of star power brought on the show has been impressive, to say the least.

    Since the departure of former cohost Shannon Sharpe the FS1 show took a hiatus for a brief time before coming back with a new loaded roster of media talent. Bayless is regularly joined by the likes of rapper Lil Wayne, former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman, and now well-known media pundit Rachel Nichols.

    Nichols brings years of sports media experience as she has spent time with ESPN, Turner Sports, and the Washington Post before making her debut on FS1 with Bayless and the crew. Nichols is known best for her work within the NBA as a primary voice on the pre- and post-game shows on ESPN during basketball season.

    However, Nichols has experience hosting and analyzing the NFL, MLB, and many other sports topics throughout her tenure, and her presence brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from a true member of the media rather than a former player as much of the Undisputed roster is filled with.

    Rachel Nichols Brings Validity to the Hot Take Show

    Just how much time Nichols will spend on the show, and what her schedule will look like at this time is unknown. Whether it is a full-time spot at the table or she will be used here and there is still to be made known at this time, however, it is a safe assumption that the show will tap into her expertise come basketball season.

    Nichols’ Addition Is Well Received on Social Media

    Much like everything else in the world, social media typically has the first reaction to any breaking news, and when it comes to Nichols’ addition to the Undisputed crew, the masses seem to like the signing.

    As you can see, the reception for Nichols has been warm. One of the best minds in the media world finds a new home and a new chance to provide fans across all sports the information they seek. It seems like a true win-win for the network and the viewers.

    Now we will have to wait and see just how long before Nichols dives in and gets into the heated debates we have seen so far on the show.

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