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    Projecting Every QB’s Madden NFL 25 Rating, From Patrick Mahomes to Caleb Williams

    Ahead of the release of Madden NFL 2025 later this summer, we give out projected ratings for all 32 projected starting quarterbacks.

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    Madden NFL 25 is just a few months away from being for sale to the public. As always, the game will be available for teams to debate the top players and the overall gameplay.

    As with every iteration, debating Madden ratings is always a hotly contested debate.

    With that being said, Pro Football Network has its own projections for all starting quarterbacks in Madden NFL 25.

    How Does Madden Come Up With Ratings?

    Madden ratings are always a difficult and consulted conversation people have during this time of year as they wait for the latest ratings to be announced.

    So how does the committee come up with their ratings?

    A combination of last season’s stats, measurables from workouts and Combine work (for rookies), and film study are all used to determine which players are worthy of top ratings.

    While film interpretation is always subjective based on the kind of conversations being had, let’s break down what we think the Madden Ratings will be for 2024’s projected starting quarterbacks.

    Projecting Madden 25 Ratings – Quarterbacks

    Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills – 96

    Josh Allen remains the top quarterback in the AFC East despite the Bills’ major roster changes. A 96 rating would put him as the NFL’s third-best quarterback, which seems more than fair.

    Jacoby Brissett, New England Patriots – 72

    Drake Maye won’t and shouldn’t be expected to start right away. In his place, Jacoby Brissett will have one of the lowest grades in football for this position.

    Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins – 86

    It’s always hard to judge Tua Tagovailoa. On one hand, he’s been excellent with his elite receiving core. But on the other hand, his poor play down the stretch should dock his overall rating.

    Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets – 90

    As the legacy candidate, is Aaron Rodgers’ injury enough to dock him from the 90 club? In fairness to him, the Jets’ starting quarterback should still have his strong rating simply due to the fact that the last time he was healthy, he threw for over 25 touchdown passes.

    Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens – 98

    The reigning MVP should not be docked points because he lost in the AFC conference title game to the best QB in football. Jackson is worthy of being the second-best quarterback in Madden ratings.

    Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals – 95

    Joe Burrow is near the same talent level as Patrick Mahomes, but his injury late in the year should dock him down to the fourth-highest quarterback rating in the game this season. This seems like the lowest rating he could possibly have.

    Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns – 82

    Deshaun Watson’s career seems to be a major question mark due to inconsistent play on the field lately. Don’t be surprised if his Madden rating is even lower than this — but this seems like a fair compromise.

    Russell Wilson, Pittsburgh Steelers – 79

    Until Russell Wilson shows he’s the same quarterback that led the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl title, his rating should be low overall. Wilson’s start with the Steelers will tell a lot about how much the 35 year old has left.

    Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars – 84

    For a player who was deemed a generational quarterback prospect, Trevor Lawrence has been highly disappointing — especially after missing the playoffs in a late-season collapse. An 84 may seem low, but this seems like the floor.

    C.J. Stroud, Houston Texans – 91

    C.J. Stroud appears to be the kind of quarterback the Jaguars were expecting Lawrence to be. After a historic rookie season and Rookie of the Year Award, Stroud will join the 90 club in Year 2.

    Will Levis, Tennessee Titans – 76

    No one really knows how Will Levis will look in his first full season as a starting quarterback, but his big arm should be enough to boost his rating a little.

    Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts – 77

    Before his shoulder injury, Anthony Richardson was showing signs of a strong rookie season. Now, his body of work should be able to boost his rating over Levis, at the very least.

    Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs – 99

    Patrick Mahomes remains king of the quarterbacks and will remain so until someone shows they can consistently beat him.

    Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers – 92

    Under Jim Harbaugh, Justin Herbert should be a candidate to have his best season on the field and in the standings. His rating should still be pretty high despite missing the end of the year due to injury.

    Gardner Minshew, Las Vegas Raiders – 71

    Gardner Minshew’s heroics last season to keep the Colts’ season afloat after Richardson’s injury were admirable, but it won’t be enough to impress the Madden committee when it comes to his defaults as a passer.

    Bo Nix, Denver Broncos – 73

    Bo Nix may be the first rookie quarterback in the AFC to start this year when he suits up for the Broncos. His rating should still be pretty low, however.

    Jared Goff, Detroit Lions – 87

    If you lead the Detroit Lions of all teams in the NFC Championship Game, you deserve a really nice grade in Madden. Jared Goff deserves his flowers.

    Caleb Williams, Chicago Bears – 79

    Rookie quarterbacks never get a lot of love so I think Caleb Williams’ grade ceiling will be a 79. He’s certainly someone to watch early on, though.

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    Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers – 88

    Jordan Love should get a lot of love after an excellent end to his season, but it’s certainly something that will be interesting to watch heading into his second season as a starter.

    Sam Darnold, Minnesota Vikings – 74

    J.J. McCarthy’s time in Minnesota is coming. Sam Darnold’s time is now, and he won’t get a lot of love from the Madden committee.

    Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles – 89

    Jalen Hurts’ late-season collapse with the Eagles will dock him barely outside of the 90 club, even though he was one of the best quarterbacks in the game for most of the season. His rating is still pretty respectable, though.

    Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys – 92

    Dak Prescott isn’t the best quarterback in the NFC — his playoff record and inability to perform well proves that. Madden is always favorable for the Cowboys, though, hence the higher rating than normal.

    Daniel Jones, New York Giants – 79

    Daniel Jones is just two years removed from a playoff victory — the first for the Giants since Super Bowl XLVI. Despite that, his poor play and injury status will lower his overall rating this year.

    Jayden Daniels, Washington Commanders – 76

    Rookie quarterbacks should not have a higher grade than Williams — even if they are the second overall selection. The reigning Heisman trophy winner will start small in Madden 25.

    Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints – 79

    Derek Carr is in a weird spot — something he always seems to be in. The Saints starting quarterback won’t be the worst-rated quarterback, but he certainly is done having his name near the top.

    Kirk Cousins, Atlanta Falcons – 85

    Numbers-wise, Kirk Cousins is as elite as they come. Winning and overall health-wise? There are a lot of questions to answer.

    Bryce Young, Carolina Panthers – 70

    Until Bryce Young shows he can produce at a competent level, the former No. 1 overall pick will be the lowest-rated quarterback in Madden.

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    Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 82

    Baker Mayfield helped Tampa Bay reach the Divisional Round in the post-Tom Brady era. That alone deserves some respect. He’ll get a boost in the Madden ratings easily.

    Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers – 91

    Purdy’s Madden rating will be second in the NFC behind Prescott, but there should be no surprise should he be the conference’s top-ranked signal-caller — especially after winning the NFC in 2023.

    Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks – 78

    Geno Smith is a consummate professional, but I think it’s fair to assume that his Madden rating will be indicative of Seattle’s late-season collapse.

    Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals – 81

    Kyler Murray’s career is at a crossroads. I think he’ll be in for a good year, but it’s easy to see why the Madden ratings won’t be kind to him.

    Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams – 87

    Matthew Stafford’s age will keep him out of the 90 club, but he’s still a competent quarterback and one of the best in the NFC.

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