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    Who Did the Philadelphia Eagles Draft In 2024? Picks, Analysis, and More

    Following a Wild Card exit in the postseason, the Philadelphia Eagles will look to rebound with the help of their 2024 draft picks.

    After riding the tush push to a Super Bowl 57 appearance, the Philadelphia Eagles were bounced out of the postseason in the first round last year, losing 31-9 in the Wild Card to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Despite falling short of expectations last year, head coach Nick Sirianni hasn’t missed the playoffs since taking over the Eagles three years ago, maintaining a talented roster built through the draft.

    Following a decent draft haul last season, let’s dive into a full list of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 2024 NFL Draft picks.

    Philadelphia Eagles Draft Picks by Round

    • Round 1, Pick 22
      Quinyon Mitchell, CB | Toledo
    • Round 2, Pick 40 (from WAS through CHI)
      Cooper DeJean, CB | Iowa
    • Round 3, Pick 94 (from SF)
      Jalyx Hunt, EDGE | Houston Christian
    • Round 4, Pick 127 (from HOU)
      Will Shipley, RB | Clemson
    • Round 5, Pick 152 (from WAS through SEA)
      Ainias Smith, WR | Texas A&M
    • Round 5, Pick 155 (from IBD through CAR, LAR, PIT)
      Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB | Clemson
    • Round 5, Pick 172 (Compensatory)
      Trevor Keegan, G | Michigan
    • Round 6, Pick 185 (from NYJ)
      Johnny Wilson, WR | Florida State
    • Round 6, Pick 190 (from NYJ through GB, NO)
      Dylan McMahon, C | NC State

    Who Did the Eagles Draft in 2024?

    Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Round 1, Pick 22

    The last time the Eagles selected a cornerback in the first round of the NFL Draft was in 2002. That streak is finally over after Philadelphia selected Toldeo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell with the No. 22 overall selection.

    Considering the struggles of James Bradberry in 2023, Mitchell will likely start immediately opposite of Darius Slay at outside cornerback in Philadelphia. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Mitchell’s skillset in his scouting report.

    “Mitchell has the physical foundation of a high-level playmaker, and he has the instincts of one, too,” Cummings said. “Particularly in off-man and zone, he’s adept at recognizing routes and breaking early on passes, and at the catch point, he’s coordinated, authoritative, and exhaustive with his length.”

    Cooper DeJean, CB, Round 2, Pick 40

    After landing cornerback Quinyon Mitchell in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, Philadelphia traded up with the Washington Commanders to select Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean with the No. 40 overall selection.

    Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings Discussed DeJean’s skillset in his scouting report.

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    “There’s an outcome where Cooper DeJean splits time between the boundary, the slot, and field safety at the NFL level. Ultimately, he’s an extremely role-versatile player based on the game script. And in a role that plays to his strengths on a situational basis, he has impact starter potential.”

    Jalyx Hunt, EDGE, Round 3, Pick 94

    Following the departure of Haason Reddick, Philadelphia is looking to add developmental pieces along the edge. The Eagles selected Houston Christian edge defender Jalyx Hunt with the No. 94 overall selection in the third round.

    Hunt is an intriguing prospect due to his recent conversion from safety to edge defender in 2022. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Hunt’s upside in his scouting report.

    “While Jalyx Hunt has shown flashes with his hands, he has relied heavily on his physical gifts to win reps. Regardless, his explosiveness, length, and bend will have defensive coordinators drooling. As a result, Hunt shouldn’t have to wait too long for his phone to start ringing.”

    Will Shipley, RB, Round 4, Pick 127

    Despite signing star running back Saquon Barkley in free agency, Philadelphia added another weapon to their backfield on Saturday. The Eagles selected Clemson running back Will Shipley with the No. 127 overall selection in the fourth round.

    Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Shipley’s versatile skillset in his scouting report.

    “All told, Will Shipley brings true three-down, volume upside with his mix of explosiveness, speed, twitch, flexibility, density, and extraordinary spatial feel and processing ability — if he can stay healthy.”

    Ainias Smith, WR, Round 5, Pick 152

    The Eagles continue to add offensive weapons on day three, as Philadelphia selected Texas A&M wide receiver Ainias Smith with the No. 152 overall pick in the fifth round. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Smith’s versatility in his scouting report.

    “From a coach’s perspective, Ainias Smith is a valuable commodity to a locker room,” Cummings said. “He tends to get the most out of every opportunity he touches the ball and does the little things with an all-out effort on every snap that makes you want to root for him at the next level.”

    Jeremiah Trotter Jr., LB, Round 5, Pick 155

    In a move that many fans were begging for, the Eagles have finally addressed the linebacker position. Philadelphia traded up to select the son of a franchise legend in Clemson linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr. with the No. 155 overall selection in the fifth round.

    Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Trotter’s potential in his scouting report.

    “In a run-and-chase role, Jeremiah Trotter Jr. has most of the necessary physical and intangible components to be a venerable force pressing downhill and a quality cover man in short and intermediate zones. Particularly in SAM roles where he can blitz and crash the line, he can be a value player in the middle rounds.”

    Trevor Keegan, G, Round 5, Pick 172

    While many expected the Eagles to select an offensive lineman much earlier in the 2024 NFL Draft, they finally selected one on day three. Philadelphia selected Michigan guard Trevor Keegan with the No. 172 overall selection in the fifth round.

    Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Keegan’s skillset in his scouting report.

    “Trevor Keegan comes equipped with three years of starting reps on a team that made three straight College Football Playoffs and won back-to-back Joe Moore Awards. He doesn’t standout as an athlete but makes up for it with his physicality and aggressiveness.”

    Johnny Wilson, WR, Round 6, Pick 185

    The Eagles continue to add weapons for Jalen Hurts and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to work with on day three. Philadelphia selected Florida State wide receiver Johnny Wilson with the No. 185 overall selection in the sixth round.

    Philadelphia showed interest in Wilson during the pre-draft process, including hosting him on a 30 visit. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed Wilson’s skillset in his scouting report.

    “Johnny Wilson may project better as a move-TE at the next level,” Cummings said. “But either as a mismatch-hunting movement-Z WR or as a position-diverse weapon in a rotation, Wilson’s physicality simply overwhelms defenders, and he has the true speed and explosiveness to capitalize as an offensive sparkplug and utility blocker.”

    Dylan McMahon, C, Round 6, Pick 190

    Following the retirement of legendary center Jason Kelce, Philadelphia needed to address the depth along the interior of their offensive line. The Eagles selected North Carolina State center Dylan McMahon with the No. 190 overall selection in the sixth round. Pro Football Network’s Ian Cummings discussed McMahon’s versatility in his scouting report.

    “Centers with his frame don’t often get drafted, but Dylan McMahon’s versatility, athleticism, and fundamental floor make him a different prospect than most. If he does get drafted, expect his name to come off the board on Day 3.”

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