NFL Referee Assignments Divisional Round: Refs Assigned for Each Playoff Game This Week

NFL Referee Assignments Divisional Round: Refs Assigned for Each Playoff Game This Week

We now know which NFL referees will be taking charge of each of the four NFL playoff Divisional Round games this weekend. With some of the most experienced NFL refs set to take charge this weekend, let’s look at the full NFL referee assignments for the Divisional Round and their crews.

NFL Referee Assignments for Divisional Round

During each week of the NFL playoffs, crews are assigned from the NFL’s officiating roster. These groups differ from the regular-season assignments and are based on the performances of the various crew members during the year.

Jaguars vs. Chiefs | Shawn Hochuli

  • Referee: Shawn Hochuli
  • Umpire: Paul King
  • Down Judge: Danny Short
  • Line Judge: Greg Bradley
  • Field Judge: Terry Brown
  • Side Judge: Chad Hill
  • Back Judge: Greg Meyer
  • Replay Official: Tyler Cerimeli
  • Replay Assistant: Mark Bitar

Alternates: Brad Allen (R), Tab Slaughter (U), Patrick Holt (DJ), Anthony Flemming (FJ), Tony Josselyn (BJ).

Giants vs. Eagles | Clete Blakeman

  • Referee: Clete Blakeman
  • Umpire: Car Paganelli
  • Down Judge: Jerod Phillips
  • Line Judge: Walt Coleman IV
  • Field Judge: Nate Jones
  • Side Judge: Eugene Hall
  • Back Judge: Perry Paganelli
  • Replay Official: Chad Adams
  • Replay Assistant: Ken Hall

Alternates: Craig Wrolstad (R), Steve Woods (U), Jeff Seeman (LJ), Allen Baynes (SJ), Scott Helverson (BJ).

Bengals vs. Bills | Carl Cheffers

  • Referee: Carl Cheffers
  • Umpire: Roy Ellison
  • Down Judge: David Oliver
  • Line Judge: Jeff Bergman
  • Field Judge: John Jenkins
  • Side Judge: Anthony Jeffries
  • Back Judge: Dino Paganelli
  • Replay Official: Kevin Brown
  • Replay Assistant: Larry Hanson

Alternates: Alex Kemp (R), Tony Michalek (U), Tom Eaton (LJ), Tom Hill (FJ), Terrence Miles (BJ).

Cowboys vs. 49ers | Bill Vinovich

  • Referee: Bill Vinovich
  • Umpire: Bryan Neale
  • Down Judge: Mark Hittner
  • Line Judge: Rusty Baynes
  • Field Judge: Rick Patterson
  • Side Judge: Don Willard
  • Back Judge: Brad Freeman
  • Replay Official: Mark Butterworth
  • Replay Assistant: Meddie Kalegi