NFL Preseason Power Rankings: 2020 Season

The NFL season begins soon - where do all of the teams currently stack up? Matt Williamson provides his NFL preseason power rankings.

NFL Preseason Power Rankings: The top 15 teams

15) Pittsburgh Steelers

Kicking off the top 15 teams in my NFL Preseason Power Rankings list are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even if Ben Roethlisberger isn’t one of the top quarterbacks in the league this year, the Steelers should go from abysmal quarterback play to at least competent play at the most important position on the field. The defense could be the league’s best, and Roethlisberger’s supporting cast on offense is quite solid.

14) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ pass-rush is very worrisome, but all of a sudden, the back seven of their defense is outstanding with the addition of Jamal Adams. Oh, they also have one of the truly elite quarterbacks in Russell Wilson running the show. Seattle is a contender, as always.

13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is the obvious story here, but the reality is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have been in the playoff hunt last year if they didn’t turn the ball over so often. Much of that has to do with a vastly underrated defense led by defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

12) Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have their preferred style of play that starts with Derrick Henry. But that sells what Ryan Tannehill did last year a little short. He was excellent. And Tennessee’s defense is on the rise with a lot of young playmakers.

11) Indianapolis Colts

Philip Rivers wasn’t very impressive in his last season with the Chargers. But behind a great offensive line in Indianapolis, Rivers might manage games well and be precisely what the doctor ordered. Or, he might be washed. We shall see.

10) Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have one of the NFL’s best rosters, but their young and talented quarterback, Josh Allen, is the question mark with this team. He improved last year and has clear playmaking abilities. But, Allen must be more consistent as a passer for Buffalo to rise up this list.

9) Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have a very top-heavy roster. But while this team has plenty of star power, it also has obvious concerning areas. But don’t forget that the Rams were in the Super Bowl just two years ago and would have been the seventh playoff team last year if the new rules were implemented one year earlier.

8) Los Angeles Chargers

Look for the Los Angeles Chargers to run the ball much more with Tyrod Taylor using his legs a great deal. They will likely want to mitigate risk and play it closer to the vest on offense. The defense is littered with top playmakers. It might be some time before Justin Herbert sees the field in his rookie season.

7) Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting enough help around him lately, but he also hasn’t played at an elite level for some time now. Davante Adams and Aaron Jones will have to carry this offense as their primary weapons. Meanwhile, Green Bay’s defense has quite a few really good players, but also is too up and down and must clean up their run defense.

6) Philadelphia Eagles

Don’t be surprised if Carson Wentz is in the MVP discussion by the end of the year. He actually has some wide receivers to throw to now while Miles Sanders is ready to step up as he inherits the Eagles’ backfield. The addition of Darius Slay should go a long way on defense as well.

The top 5 NFL teams

5) Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys‘ offense averaged more yards per play than any team in the league last year…and could be even better in 2020. The defense should be more attacking, and the coaching change to Mike McCarthy could have a positive ripple effect on Dallas’ special teams and ability to win close games. Adding Everson Griffin could be the icing on the cake.

4) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers’ defense might take a tiny step back but expect Jimmy Garoppolo to take a step forward. And San Francisco’s offensive line looks to be even better this year than the one we saw in the Super Bowl.

3) New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints have the NFL’s best roster top to bottom with the fewest holes. Drew Brees is up in age but is still playing well enough to lead his squad to a Super Bowl. This franchise also has enviable continuity in these difficult times.

2) Baltimore Ravens

Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson leads a great team that is very solid from ownership on down. Defenses around the league might catch on to Baltimore’s offense a bit this year, but the Ravens’ defense looks improved. This is a very formidable squad and extremely difficult to play against.  

1) Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl Champions have a super quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, a super head coach in Andy Reid, and a ton of playmakers on offense as well as enough difference-makers on the other side of the ball. The interior off Kansas City’s offensive line is a bit of a concern, but they should overcome that without much of a problem. That’s why they are number one on my NFL Preseason Power Rankings list.

Matt Williamson is a Senior NFL Analyst for Pro Football Network. You can follow him on Twitter: @WilliamsonNFL.