NFL Playoff Odds Week 14: Will the Minnesota Vikings surprise?

Welcome to Week 14 of the NFL regular season. As we draw nearer to the end, the real contenders begin to round into form and solidify their places in the playoffs while the pretenders fall off. We will take a look into which teams you may want to place a wager on to make the playoffs in this NFL playoff odds Week 14 deep dive. Be sure to bookmark the PFN betting team for all of our completely free content to help you cash during the 2020 NFL season.

NFL playoff odds for each team heading into Week 14

AFC playoff odds

Buffalo Bills
Yes -4000; No +1300

Cleveland Browns
Yes -1200; No +650

Indianapolis Colts
Yes -286; No +220

Las Vegas Raiders
Yes +125; No -154

Miami Dolphins
Yes +130; No -163

New England Patriots
Yes +500; No -800

Tennessee Titans
Yes -700; No +460

NFC playoff odds

Arizona Cardinals
Yes +140; No -182

Chicago Bears
Yes +700; No -1400

Detroit Lions
Yes +1700; No -10000

Los Angeles Rams
Yes -1000; No +1700

Detroit Lions
Yes +1700; No -10000

Minnesota Vikings
Yes +135; No -167

San Francisco 49ers
Yes +300; No -400

Seattle Seahawks
Yes -5000; No +1400

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Yes -700; No +460

The NFL playoff odds for our beloved NFC East teams are not listed on any of the major books. I guess the bookmakers’ mindset is that their odds to win the east division are essentially the same as making the playoffs. While this is not mathematically true with both Washington and New York keeping things interesting at 5-7. These are the listed odds and, therefore, the ones we will work with.

NFL playoff odds: Odds to win the NFC East

New York Giants -143
Washington Football Team +140
Philadelphia Eagles +1400
Dallas Cowboys +4000

You’ll notice that a few top teams are not listed on this chances to make the playoffs list. This is because they have already clinched their spot in the playoffs. If you happen to be a fan of the Saints, Packers, Chiefs, or Steelers, congratulations. However, with the one seed being even more critical this year as it will be the only seed to receive a bye, expect a much more intense race to claim conference supremacy. Below are the odds for teams to be the number one seed in their conference.

NFL playoff odds: Odds to win the one seed in the AFC

Kansas City Chiefs -167
Pittsburgh Steelers +125
Buffalo Bills +4000

NFL playoff odds: Odds to win the one seed in the NFC

New Orleans Saints -190
Green Bay Packers +160
Los Angeles Rams +2500
Seattle Seahawks +2500

AFC playoff odds

There is a lot to unpack here with all these various odds, so we will start first with the AFC chances to make the playoff. Amazingly, the Baltimore Ravens’ odds were not listed anywhere despite being in the thick of the playoff race at 7-5. While they sit at 7-5, their remaining schedule is extremely easy with the Browns, Jaguars, Giants, and Bengals remaining. I would not be surprised at all to see them win out. While they currently sit two spots out of the playoffs, I expect this team to come storming back and contend for a playoff spot.

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The Cleveland Browns have the top Wild Card spot all but locked up at 9-3. This leaves two Wild Card spots remaining to whoever does not win the AFC South, Dolphins, Raiders, Ravens, and Patriots. I believe one of these will be solidified by the team that does not win the AFC South. The Titans hold the tie-breaker on the Colts and most other teams in the NFL for the playoffs going into Week 14.

The New York Times simulator is an excellent tool for evaluating these complex scenarios. They give the Titans a 93% chance even if they lose their two most difficult games against the Packers and Jaguars. The Colts currently sit at the seventh seed, and I expect them to end here. They have Deforest Buckner and Darius Leonard healthy, and when they both play, their defense has proven dominant.

AFC playoff odds to bet

This leaves just one spot for the remaining teams. The Dolphins are the only 8-4 team remaining, but they have a brutal remaining schedule with the Chiefs, Patriots, Raiders, and Bills. Ultimately I think they win two of these 4, and there is a chance that the Bills already have their seed locked in and rest players in Week 17. I am staying away from any Dolphins playoff futures, and instead, I’ll be setting my sights on the Raiders’ NFL playoff odds.

This team sits just outside the playoffs today at 7-5, but they have looked abysmal the past two weeks in a defeat by the Atlanta Falcons and a narrow hail-mary victory against the winless Jets. I do not trust them to win any of their remaining games against the Colts, Chargers, Dolphins, or Broncos.

They will likely win one or two of these, but the Colts and Dolphins matchups will be critical. Both these teams are head and shoulders above the Raiders right now. Expect the Raiders to go 0-2 during this stretch, and they are, therefore, the only bet I am placing today on NFL playoff odds for the AFC.

NFC playoff odds

The NFC Playoff odds are a more crowded version of the NFL playoff odds that we see in the AFC, with seven teams within one game of the playoffs. Because of this log jam in the NFC, There is a lot of value if you can find the team to separate themselves from the pack. However, it is hard to trust any of the teams listed even at plus money because they have shown they can lose any given week. The Vikings needed overtime to get past the Jaguars, and that defense has proven horrendous each week. The Cardinals seem to have all the pieces, and they are my personal favorite to squeak into the playoffs. However, they have also proved that they can get beaten any given week.

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Below these 6-6 teams are five 5-7 teams that do not garner much confidence either. The 49ers have injuries all over the field and are a shell of the team we saw have so much success this year. Chicago’s anemic offense will not carry them into the playoffs. I suspect that the late game disaster last week against the Lions left this team with zero momentum for a playoff push.

Speaking of the Lions, they have been hanging on by a thread for a while now. Maybe the firing of their GM and coach, as well as their late-game heroics in Week 13, will provide the jolt this team needs. However, their schedule is daunting, and the personnel just is not there, especially on defense.

NFC East NFL playoff odds worth a wager?

The other two remaining teams are the New York Giants and the Washington Football Team. Of course, these teams have much better odds to make the playoffs by playing in the NFC East.

Ultimately, I believe these NFC East playoff odds are exactly where they should be. The Giants are slight favorites as they hold the head to head tiebreaker. While this tiebreaker is a considerable advantage, neither of these teams can be trusted at all. With all the variance in outcomes possible between these two teams, I think the Washington Football Team at +140 is worth a play from the NFL playoff odds here in Week 14.

NFC playoff odds to play today

If I am making any play on the NFC Playoff Odds today, it would be on the Packers to win the number one seed at +160. We get a great value on this bet because they are a game back from the Saints. However, they hold the tiebreaker on the Saints because of their head-to-head victory. I expect this to come into play as the Saints have the Chiefs remaining on their schedule, and with Taysom Hill at quarterback, I do not believe they will have the firepower to keep up.

The Packers’ most challenging remaining game is against the Titans, and I expect the Pack to emerge victorious in a shootout.

NFL playoff odds I am playing heading into Week 14:

~ Raiders do not make the NFL playoffs -154
~ Packers win the NFC number one seed +160

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