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    NFL News and Rumors: George Kittle Cameos at WrestleMania, Brock Purdy Talks Elbow, and Jalen Carter Won’t Visit Teams

    NFL news and rumors are starting to swing into offseason mode. But as the draft approaches, the news will come in with more fervor each day.

    The NFL draft looms, and free agency continues on, but it appears NFL owners have taken to the shadows of their penthouse offices and yachts for the time being, as players add to the artwork on their body, spend time with their families, and work out in garages away from team facilities.

    The NFL is circulating a video of Patrick Jones squatting 675 pounds, although it’s technically a box squat and not a traditional back squat, so his range of motion is less. While it’s no Nick Chubb squat, it was impressive nonetheless.

    We’re covering the latest NFL draft and free agency news and rumors, including all pro day news that’s related to Tuesday’s action. Be sure to bookmark our NFL Pro Day schedule and check back daily for the most important takeaways.

    NFL News and Rumors: George Kittle Makes WWE Debut at WrestleMania 39

    Name a more iconic duo than NFL tight ends and the WWE. I’ll wait…

    George Kittle sort of made his WWE debut at WrestleMania 39. The Miz and Snoop Dogg hosted the event. The rapper asked why The Miz wasn’t fighting that night, and the professional wrestler said it was because nobody had answered his social media call to meet in the ring.

    Pat McAfee isn’t afraid of a little confrontation, so he challenged The Miz. And while the wrestler was outside the ring, he took a particular interest in Kittle, who was loudly booing him from the front row, as he leaned over the barrier gesturing The Miz to walk away.

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    The professional wrestler shoved the tight end back into his chair, and the San Francisco 49ers pass catcher immediately unzipped his pastel-colored, 90s-inspired zip-up windbreaker while staring down The Miz.

    Sporting a top knot and a TEU (Tight End University) t-shirt he’d made sleeveless, Kittle lept over the barrier. He charged The Miz, who turned toward Kittle at the last second before being clotheslined into oblivion by the 250-pound tight end.

    One day we’ll likely see Kittle with a legitimate role in the organization.

    Brock Purdy Rocks a Robotic Arm

    49ers QB Brock Purdy injured his UCL during the NFC Championship Game, an injury that forced him into elbow surgery. After an initial delay, the surgery was eventually completed successfully.

    There’s no guarantee the former Mr. Irrelevant will be ready at the start of camp, but Purdy discussed the timeline while chatting with Roc and Manuch with Jimmy B on Fox Sports 910 Phoenix.

    “The protocol is you start throwing at three months, but it all depends on how your therapy and your range of motion and everything goes up until that point,” Purdy said, via the Mercury News. “There are definitely some boxes I have to check off first before I get to that point, but that’s the plan as of now.”

    Elbow injuries are somewhat uncommon in quarterbacks, but they happen all the time in baseball. Purdy is rehabbing with Keith Kocher, a physical therapist with a ton of experience rehabbing elbow injuries in baseball players.

    While most people would remain casted after the procedure, Purdy has a specially-made elbow brace that provides stability but does not inhibit movement. But the brace makes him look robotic. But until Trey Lance proves worthy, Purdy will be the top dog in the QB room.

    “We’ve always said we don’t care where you were drafted, if you were drafted, that’s always been our stance,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said. “We’re still very excited about Trey, but I think the way Brock played, he probably has earned that right to be the guy.”

    Jalen Carter Won’t Meet Teams Outside the Top 10

    Drew Rosenhaus knows what he’s doing. The long-tenured NFL agent has been declining visit requests from teams seeking Jalen Carter‘s services. Rosenhaus told Ian Rapoport that he’s confident Carter won’t fall outside of the top 10.

    Carter left the NFL Scouting Combine after arrest warrants were issued for him in Athens, Georgia. The defensive tackle faced racing and reckless driving charges stemming from a fatal Jan. 15 crash.

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    After initially releasing a somewhat defiant statement through the media, Carter quickly pled no contest to the misdemeanors. But it was Carter showing up to his pro day two weeks later weighing nine more pounds than at the Combine and struggling during drills that will concern teams more than any known off-field issues.

    Still, Carter was the best defender on the legendary 2021 defense, and nothing changed in 2022, despite teammate Nolan Smith also potentially being a top-10 pick. Carter is arguably the best player in the class, and nothing we know now should see him slide past the Philadelphia Eagles at 10.

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