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    NFL Betting: How To Wager on NFL Games for Free

    Want to know how to wager on the NFL for free? We're diving into all of the ways you can bet on the NFL without spending your own cash.

    Super Bowl 57 is right around the corner, meaning the chance is now to get involved in NFL betting before the 2023 offseason arrives. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will compete in a heavyweight bout to determine who will etch their place in NFL history.

    Not only can you make money wagering on the NFL, but we’ll break down how to bet on the NFL for free. It may come as a surprise that you don’t need loads of cash to wager on the NFL. With the tips we’re about to share below, you might not even need money at all to gamble.

    Sound good? Let’s dive right in and explore all of the ways you can bet on the NFL for free.

    NFL Betting: How To Bet on the NFL for Free

    NFL betting is extraordinarily fun. Between the unique prop bet offerings and the ability to build parlays that can score a huge return, fan bases around the world have enjoyed the boom in legalized NFL betting. Wagering on the NFL doesn’t have to be costly if you don’t have a big bankroll or even want to spend your own cash.

    How To Track My NFL Bets

    The Pikkit sports bet tracker is the best way to keep up with your NFL bets for free. Forget those spreadsheets and use Pikkit, where you can sync your sportsbook usage and track your performance across every sport. You can also take part in the NFL betting community by posting your plays or by following your favorite personalities also on the app.

    We can’t recommend using Pikkit enough.

    Claim No Deposit Free Bets

    Now that sports betting is legal in many states, many new bookmakers are giving free bets to whoever wants them. All you need to do is create an account, and then you could receive $5 or $10 as a no-deposit free spin.

    In many cases, you have one shot at making money with a no-deposit free bet. Let’s say you’re required to bet on one NFL game. If you win, you can keep the profits. If you lose, your chance is gone.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on a single sportsbook. Once you use up your deposit at one betting site, you can claim a second bonus at a different site.

    Risk-Free Bets

    With risk-free bets, you’ll need to have money in your betting account. But that’s fine. You get it back in full if your first bet is a loss. In other words, you only receive a free bet if you wager with real money and lose.

    Is a risk-free bet worth it? Pretty much, yes. Picture this. You deposit $100 and bet on the Baltimore Ravens to down the New England Patriots. If that happens, you win $250 and cash out your money. It’s a happy ending, right?

    Similarly, imagine placing the same $100 bet and losing. But instead of walking out with nothing, you receive another $100 to bet on a different game. It would feel great, right? That’s why these bonuses are worth it.

    Matched Deposit Bonuses

    Matched bonuses started in the world of online casinos. Nearly every bonus is given as a percentage of your deposit: 50%, 100%, 200%, or 1,000%. The minimum amount required to get a bonus is small, though ($10 or $20).

    After that, you get enough money to double your stake for playing slots, poker, roulette, or blackjack. You can find a lot of these offers at bonus review websites. Great online casinos are listed here. You can spend your bonus money on many games, which is what makes the bonuses worthwhile.

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    If you get a $50 bonus for sports betting, you don’t have to wager on NFL games. You could also predict basketball, baseball, hockey, rugby, and motor racing. Unfortunately, matched-deposit bonuses tend to come with their fair share of terms and conditions.

    Let’s start with the deposit requirement. You have to fund your account to get a bonus. After that, you’re allowed to select games you want to play. But if you win, you have to convert your wins into cash by betting real money.

    Stake Not Returned Free Bets

    This free bet is self-explanatory. You receive betting money to wager on one or two sports games. Let’s say you get $10 to bet on a Monday Night Football game. Then, you win $15. With this bonus, you’re allowed to keep your $15 but not the original $10.

    What happens when you lose? In most cases, nothing. Like many free bets, risk-not-returned bonuses give you one chance at making money. Use it carefully, and you can walk away with a profit. If unlucky, you don’t get another opportunity.

    Reload Deposit Bonuses

    This is another type of bonus that originated from casinos. Usually, loyal customers receive a reward every type they reload money to their accounts. It mainly comes as a percentage of their deposit amount — 10% to 75%.

    The best part about it is that you receive a bonus nearly every time you fund your account. Of course, that depends on a website’s generosity. But if the policy is to get a bonus with every deposit, you could receive several betting credits with time.

    Truth be told, most betting websites don’t give out reload bonuses after every deposit. Instead, you get a reward once per week or month. Precisely, you could get an offer on your first deposit on the week or a top-up mid-week.

    Event-Specific Free Bets

    It’s true. Betting websites give out more rewards at the start and end of the NFL season than during regular weeks. They also offer free bets on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. When the season is starting, they want to attract many new players.

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    On Thanksgiving, bookies want to capture the unusually large number of people interested in sports. The same can be said of Christmas and Super Bowl, to a great extent. If there’s an occasion that brings NFL fans together, you can look out for betting bonuses.

    NFL Betting Loyalty Bonuses

    Some bookmakers appreciate loyal customers with bonuses regularly. They don’t follow any formulas, per se. Instead, they could give you a free bet on your birthday, Independence Day, or when they think it’s justified.

    The best betting websites have well-defined loyalty programs. That way, you know what to expect and how to earn them. For example, you could receive points you can later redeem for free bets. Or you could receive kickbacks on your losses.

    All the same, loyalty bonuses are an excellent treatment for being a loyal customer. They might not be much. But at least you get something free for betting at one website over time.

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