NFC North: Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl

Fans are constantly told to be positive. We are told it’s healthy. But sometimes it’s fun to be just a little negative.

One of the best aspects of sports, especially the NFL, is complaining about how bad your team is or could be. Therefore, if you are a fan of a team in the NFC North, join the dark side and let your inner negativity take over.

The offseason can bring hope to a lot of fanbases. New signings, new coaches, and new draft picks. If you’re one of those fans who have that bright sense of hope for your team in 2019 — yikes, especially if they’re in the NFC North. If you’re thinking about going into the start of training camp with a glass half full approach, pour the water out and let’s get real.
Before the season starts and a wave of reality hits you that your team may not be what you think it is, then this story is your wake up call. Read the next sentence, and read it closely — your team is not going to win the Super Bowl in 2019.

Again for those of you who skipped over the last paragraph— your NFC North team is not going to win the Super Bowl in 2019.

If you have lofty championship aspirations for your team, it is my job to talk you down. Now, if your team does do well, then it will be a surprise, and if they fail, you’ll be prepared.

Next up in Pro Football Network’s series about why your team won’t win the Super Bowl — NFC North

Chicago Bears

You can try and make up different reasons why the Chicago Bears are a sexy Super Bowl pick, but you cannot ignore what is, Mitchell Trubisky. No matter which way you paint it, the Bears Super Bowl chances lay on the shoulders of their quarterback.

A good defense can’t do it all in the modern NFL. You have to score, and score big, but is Trubisky the guy to lead a high powered offense? The word is still out, but Trubisky’s 56.5 Pro Football Focus passer grade from last season doesn’t provide much hope.

We couldn’t end talking about the Bears without talking about kickers. Who remembers the double-doink? How could you forget? The Bears kicking battle between Eddy Pineiro and Elliott Fry has been one of the most electric camp battles to watch. Earlier this week Pineiro called the kicker battle “annoying” and “exhausting.”

If the kicking battle is already frustrating the Bears options before week one even begins, does that really give you any hope for either of these guys?

Green Bay Packers

As long as Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback in Green Bay, the Packers will be considered Super Bowl favorites no matter how dysfunctional they may be. Rodgers has chewed up and spit out the entire Packers organization and now he’s paired with a 39-year old rookie head coach. Does that sound like a Super Bowl recipe? Didn’t think so.

Speaking of Matt Lafleur, he’ll be an interesting case study this season. LaFleur has coached with some of the NFL’s hottest coaching names, but last year in Tennessee he didn’t prove to be some offensive savant.

LaFleur’s Titans offense ranked 27th in points per game with only 19.4. Granted the Titans dealt with some injuries last season, but it’s not like the Packers offense is flooded with power. They have Rodgers and Davante Adams, but every one after that is a question mark.

Minnesota Vikings

For a satirical story where you take all the negative shots possible, is it almost too easy to blame Kirk Cousins for the Vikings problems? I mean Cousins is one of the more polarizing players in the NFL. People love to take shots at Cousins, and now it’s my turn.

walks up to microphone

Let’s be honest here— Cousins’ greatest contribution to the NFL in eight seasons was his “you like that,” gif. Can a famous gif win you a Super Bowl?

In all seriousness, the story really starts and ends with Cousins. The Vikings have talent all over the field, but there will always be questions when Cousins is under center.

Detroit Lions

Have the Detroit Lions ever been considered a Super Bowl favorite? The correct answer is no, so let’s just let history repeat itself here and save ourselves some time.

Okay okay, if you’re still reading this you either hate the Lions or you’re just one of those fans that love misery, and for that I respect you. So, let us trudge on into unexplored negative grounds.

The leading issue with the Lions is coach Matt Patricia. Can he motivate his men? Patricia hit his peak when he was one of Bill Belichick’s henchmen and without the New England head coach, he looks unimpressive. The Lions have some interesting pieces on offense led by Matt Stafford, but Patricia doesn’t necessarily spark this group in the way a young offensive mastermind would.

The Lions will be dedicated to power football this season and that simply doesn’t win in the modern version of the NFL. As great of a story as it would be to see the Lions make a run to the promised land, this season just isn’t it.

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