AFC South: Why your team won’t win the Super Bowl

Fans are constantly told to be positive. We are told it’s healthy, but sometimes it’s fun to be just a little negative.

One of the best parts of sports, especially the NFL, is complaining about how bad your team is or could be. Therefore, if you are a fan of a team in the AFC South, join the dark-side and let your inner negativity take over.

The offseason can bring hope to a lot of fanbases. New signings, new coaches, and new draft picks. If you’re one of those fans who have that bright sense of hope for your team in 2019 — yikes, especially if they’re in the AFC South. If you’re thinking about going into the start of training camp with a glass half full approach, pour the water out and let’s get real.

Before the season starts and a wave of reality hits you that your team may not be what you think it is, then this story is your wake up call. Read the next sentence, and read it closely — your team is not going to win the Super Bowl in 2019.

Again for those of you who skipped over the last paragraph— your AFC South team is not going to win the Super Bowl in 2019.

If you have lofty championship aspirations for your team, it is my job to talk you down. Now, if your team does do well, then it will be a surprise, and if they fail, you’ll be prepared.

Next up in Pro Football Network’s series about why your team won’t win the Super Bowl — AFC South edition.

Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts might be the exception in the AFC South as they have a lot to like, but this is about being negative, people!

The Colts are a sexy pick to win it all, but can they handle those expectations? The Colts took the league by storm with the return of Andrew Luck in Frank Reich’s first season as head coach. Luck threw for over 4,500 yards and pegged 39 touchdown passes in his first healthy season in years. Luck will now have the pressure of repeating that in 2019.

The other flaw that sticks out is the Colts reliance on younger players. Their rookies from last season contributed at an all time rate. Both Darius Leonard and Quenton Nelson received All Pro honors as rookies, but can they avoid the sophomore slump?

The Colts will again turn to a group of young players to contribute in their first season. Can Parris Campbell be T.Y. Hilton’s sidekick? Can Ben Banogu give the Colts some juice on the edge? Is Rock Ya-Sin ready to make the jump from Temple to the NFL? That’s a lot of questions for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

The Colts have a lot of young interesting pieces, but it’s doubtful they can put them all together this early to fit the Super Bowl puzzle.

Houston Texans

Here is a play-by-play roadmap of how my planning went for writing out why the Texans won’t be the AFC South team to win the Super Bowl—

Exciting and talented quarterback that is still on a rookie deal? Check.

Protection for their exciting and talented quarterback still on a rookie deal? Nope.

It’s almost sad. The Texans have the makings of a Super Bowl team in some parts of their team, but their offensive line is so suspect it’s hard to take them seriously.

On top of their offensive line issues the Texans are still without a general manager. The Texans fired Brian Gaine out of nowhere in June. It could be an interesting move to roll with no GM for a season unless you have one of your best players holding out for a new contract — oh wait.

Perennial sack artist Jadeveon Clowney is still holding out after receiving a franchise tag this offseason. Good luck getting Clowney into camp with no clear cut leader in the front office.

Front office drama plus no offensive line doesn’t sound like a solid mix for the Super Bowl.

Tennessee Titans

Does anyone actually believe Marcus Mariota can win a Super Bowl?

We know the answer. End of story.

But seriously, Ryan Tannehill might inspire more faith than Mariota. Before looking ahead to a Super Bowl, Mariota needs to put together a wire-to-wire healthy season.

Outside of the issues with their quarterback, the Titans have consistency problems. Corey Davis has all the skills, but has yet to be consistent. Outside of A.J. Brown, the rest of the Titans pass catchers are just as unproven as Davis, but without the elite attributes.

The Titans need to be able to rely on these pieces to be considered a Super Bowl contender coming out of the AFC South, and as of now we can’t trust them.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The swagger, the defense and Nick Foles? It’s easy to be excited about the Jaguars on the surface level, but once you look under the hood you might think differently. First let’s start with the aforementioned Foles.

We’ve seen Foles away from the Eagles before and it hasn’t been pretty. Not only has he left Philadelphia, but the Jaguars offensive weapons are a lot different than the Eagles. Zach Ertz is a lot different than Geoff Swaim. Foles will have to adapt to a new group of weapons in Jacksonville that aren’t even close to the level of talent he had with the Eagles.

Even if the defense keeps the Jaguars afloat, the change of scenery will be to big for Foles to overcome.

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