Latest news from Tony Pauline regarding the 2020 college football season

Now that the Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences have postponed their season, Tony Pauline shares what he is hearing regarding the 2020 season.

It’s been a wild few days in college football. The Big Ten’s decision not to play this fall was a shocker. The Pac-12 announcement? Not so much. There have been a lot of complaints and concerns behind the scenes. Here’s the latest on what I am hearing.

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Shock in the ranks of the college football world

From what I am hearing, there were a number of players that were caught off guard by the decisions of the Pac-12 and especially the Big Ten to push their seasons back to January, and those players are infuriated. Word circulating today is that players will demand that the NCAA allow them to transfer to one of the conferences still slated to start play in September (ACC, SEC, or Big 12) and be allowed to play immediately.

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Nebraska players leading the charge in the transfer portal?

While this seems threatening at face value, the situation is more complicated, as the NCAA would have to agree to amend the transfer rule. If they don’t, the players would have to sue to get their way. Then, of course, there would need to be space on the depth chart at the program where players want to transfer. I’m told there is a large contingent of players from Nebraska who will lead the charge to demand this change.

Record number of underclassmen entering the 2021 NFL Draft?

One league source tells me that the end result of multiple conferences and lower divisions postponing the season will be record numbers of underclassmen entering the draft, even more than usual. As someone told me earlier today, “Players who have absolutely no chance of making it in the league will enter the 2021 Draft.”

What will Ohio State QB Justin Fields do?

There’s been a lot of speculation as to what Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields is going to do. Several people I’ve spoken with tell me he’s close to signing with an agent. That means, short of a shocking announcement, his college football days are over.

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