Monday Night NFL DFS Picks: Washington vs. Seahawks top picks include Russell Wilson, DK Metcalf, and Antonio Gibson

If you're looking for NFL DFS picks for Week 12 Monday Night Football, here's our optimal lineup for tournament and 50/50 contests.

Monday Night Football and DFS go together like flies and spider webs. Sometimes, the endings are painful. But occasionally, we escape with a big win. If you’re looking for NFL DFS picks for tonight’s Week 12 matchup between the Washington Football Team and the Seahawks, here are the fantasy football lineups I’m using on FanDuel.

Monday Night NFL DFS Picks | Tournament

With tournament play, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Huge payouts await the winners. But not all lineups are designed equally. Here’s my preferred MNF DFS tournament lineup for Week 12.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks ($15,500)

If you have an MVP slot in your DFS lineup, I’d bet on Russell Wilson. This is not a time to play it safe. Wilson’s last good game was all the way back on October 3. His 3-7 Seahawks’ season is on the line — every game is a must-win situation.

I imagine some competitors will steer clear. After all, he’s the most expensive DFS option tonight. But Wilson also has the highest ceiling if things break right. That’s what you want in an all-or-nothing tournament. I’m betting on 275+ passing yards and 3+ TDs.

DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks ($13,500)

Most people figured when Wilson was sidelined with an injured finger, DK Metcalf would struggle with backup QB Geno Smith. Ironically, Metcalf did just fine. Instead, he’s struggled (along with Wilson) these past two games. So should we assume this slump will continue? Nonsense. We’re betting on blow-up potential, and Metcalf has some of the biggest blow-up potential in fantasy.

Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks ($12,500)

We’ve come this far. Why stop now? If Wilson goes off tonight, two teammates stand to benefit the most: Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Tournament success frequently requires stacks, while 50/50 success frequently requires hedges. Despite his low floor, Lockett is too good to ignore.

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington ($12,000)

I’m expecting Antonio Gibson to carry his team. Now seemingly healthy and playing at the high level we’re more accustomed to, the second-year franchise back could earn his third multi-score performance in his last seven games. Sure, there are other reasonable options. But if we’re playing for upside, Gibson (who’s $2,500 cheaper than Terry McLaurin) makes sense.

Cam Sims, WR, Washington ($6,000)

This is a tough call. We have $6,500 left, so options are limited. Cam Sims flashed last year. The team is getting healthier. But Sims remains a boom/bust option who could do some damage on one catch-and-run. Sometimes, you need to take a deep flier to round out a top-heavy lineup. If my “big four” break through, then we only need a lucky break from Sims to smash this lineup.

Monday Night NFL DFS Picks | 50/50

Now let’s take a step back and assess high-floor/good-ceiling options. Here’s my preferred MNF DFS 50/50 lineup for Week 12.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks ($15,500)

You’ll see some familiar names in this lineup, as well as some new ones. I’m sticking with Wilson as a “safe” 50/50 starter. Three consecutive awful games seems unlikely. Seattle rises and falls with Wilson, and I believe he’ll scratch out a high floor at minimum.

Taylor Heinicke, QB, Washington ($14,500)

The QB15 entering Week 12, Taylor Heinicke owned a preseason average draft position of QB52. No joke: Tony Romo was one spot ahead of him. Heinicke had thrown only 77 pass attempts in his career before replacing an injured Ryan Fitzpatrick in Week 1.

He produced 20+ fantasy points in his first three starts of the year and has been middling-to-good ever since. 16+ points is a solid bet tonight. Simply put, he’s safe.

Antonio Gibson, RB, Washington ($12,000)

Yes, Gibson again. Assuming his health holds up, he is an offensive centerpiece who should garner 15+ touches and (likely) a couple of scoring opportunities against a beatable Seattle defense.

J.D. McKissic, RB, Washington ($9,500)

And just in case it’s not an “Antonio Gibson” evening, J.D. McKissic is an optimal hedge. His upside is nearly on par with Gibson’s, thanks to exceptional pass-catching chops. If we assume Washington will score 21+ points tonight (very realistic), it’s safe to assume Heinicke and/or his backfield will contribute on all three touchdowns.

Gerald Everett, TE, Seahawks ($7,500)

It usually takes only 1 touchdown for a TE2 to be a TE1. Gerald Everett is Russell Wilson’s No. 3 target and has been much more involved on offense since Wilson returned in Week 10. During these past two games, Everett has averaged 6 targets per contest versus fewer than 3 the rest of the season. The chemistry is evident. Everett is a cheap, solid-upside option to round out this lineup.


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