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    Mike McDaniel Amazingly Admits To Vaping During Dolphins Playoff Game — ‘Gone Cold Turkey’

    Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel admitted to vaping during the team's Wild Card loss to the Buffalo Bills.

    Ever since the Miami Dolphins hired head coach Mike McDaniel, NFL fans have been gifted with his offbeat comments, awkward interactions, and downright hilarious quotes. The quirky play-caller has quickly become a fan favorite around the league and has managed to avoid any significant drama. That was until he sparked rumors that he was possibly vaping during a Dolphins playoff game.

    Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel Sparked Wild Rumors During Playoff Game

    It was suspected but unconfirmed that McDaniel was vaping on the sidelines during the Dolphins’ Wild Card Round loss against the Buffalo Bills. In an interview Friday on Barstool’s Pardon My Take podcast, McDaniel confessed in the most ambiguous way possible.

    After beating around the bush in the interview, feigning ignorance on what a vape was and expressing confusion over a pretty simple question: “Were you vaping?” McDaniel did confess that in past lives, he had, in fact, vaped. He has sworn off the act after being so annoyed that it was the focus during a playoff game. He says he has quit in classic “McDaniel style,” going “cold turkey.”

    Mike McDaniel’s Exciting Tenure With Miami

    In McDaniel’s first season as head coach for the Dolphins, he led his team to the playoffs — the first time in six years.

    McDaniel was known as a talented offensive coach, transitioning from being the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive coordinator to being a head coach at just 39 years old.

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    The 2022-2023 NFL season was eventful for the young head coach. The Dolphins had an exciting winning streak early on in the season, and they made it to the postseason. A loss shadowed with frustrating clock issues.

    Tua Tagovailoa had struggled since his debut season in 2020, and it was great to see him flourish under McDaniel’s coaching. That is until the quarterback sustained two confirmed concussions and one suspected concussion.

    The concussion protocol was updated because of Tua’s dangerous hits last season, and many football players didn’t want him to play again after his third concussion, with Aaron Rodgers suggesting Tagovailoa should not come back to play at all.

    Dolphins Look To Make a Splash in 2023

    McDaniel left the postseason believing his team had put their best foot forward, but he was aware of the things that the team would need to work on over the offseason.

    In particular, McDaniel acknowledges the team has to focus on pre-snap penalties, saying they are “the worst at that.”

    Last month, Jaylen Waddle and McDaniel told fans they felt confident going into the 2023 season. The head coach has spent the offseason honing in on targeted weaknesses.

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    Waddle suggested that last season was a learning curve and that “Now we kind of know the details and what he’s looking for, what Tua’s looking for.”

    No doubt, having a full year of experience as head coach will make McDaniel more experienced and better prepared going into the 2023 season.

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