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    Tyreek Hill 2K: Miami Dolphins WR’s Quest for Video Game Numbers

    Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill wants to break the NFL's single-season receiving record and become the NFL's first 2,000-yard man.

    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Tyreek Hill has laid down the marker:

    A year after breaking the Miami Dolphins’ single-season receiving record, he is setting his sights higher.

    The Pro Bowl receiver wants to have the best season in NFL history.

    Miami Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill: I Want 2,000 Yards

    Asked Thursday, following the Dolphins’ final practice until training camp, if 2,000 receiving yards was a realistic goal in 2023, Hill replied:

    “Oh yeah, for sure. I think the added game gives me quite the advantage, so yeah.”

    If he does, he will become the NFL’s single-season record holder for receiving yards.

    The current record is 1,964, set by Calvin Johnson in 2012. Johnson put up that figure in 16 games. Hill will get 17, assuming his health cooperates.

    When asked Thursday what it will take to get to 2K, he replied:

    “For me, not getting injured, coming in each and every day wanting to get better, wanting to be coached. And I feel like I’ve got the right tools around me.

    “I’ve got obviously the most accurate quarterback in the NFL, I’ve got one of the best head coaches in the NFL, and also my position coach is a monster also. So just having those three things and me just keeping the same mindset each and every day that I want to get better and I want to break the record, and I do want to break the record. So I feel like this is one of those years that I can achieve it.”

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    A 2,000-yard season comes out to 117.6 receiving yards per game. The most Hill has averaged in any of his first seven NFL seasons is 100.6 — which he put up in 2022, his first season in aqua and orange.

    But the biggest obstacle to Hill’s goal is a factor beyond his control: The health of Tua Tagovailoa.

    Hill had three of his least productive games in 2022 — both games against the Jets and one at the Patriots — when Tagovailoa was out.

    Chemistry between quarterback and receiver shouldn’t be an issue. Hill is determined to get the offense together for a throwing session before the Dolphins report to camp in late July.

    “I’m really hoping that Tua wants to go back to Hawaii because that way, I can sneak a vacation in with the family and also get some work in,” Hill said.

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