Miami Dolphins not making any excuses as they prepare for the 2020 season

As the Miami Dolphins prepare for the 2020 NFL season through virtual meetings, head coach Brian Flores and others on the team are not making any excuses.

In the midst of a tragedy that has sent shockwaves throughout the country, and a global health situation that has effectively shut down the nation (and many parts of the world) for the past several months, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores is not making any excuses as he and his staff prepare for the upcoming 2020 season.

In a normal year, teams would already be conducting offseason activities with players coming in and out of the facilities. But as we know, this year is anything but normal. However, that is not stopping the Dolphins coaching staff and players from making the best of the current situation and doing everything they can to stay focused on the task at hand.

In a recent interview with Dolphins media, Flores commended the Dolphins IT department before talking about the virtual meetings they have been holding.

“I think the Zoom meetings have been good. We’re making the best of the situation. I’ve tried to tell them, we’re not going to make excuses or point fingers or say this is why something didn’t happen. We’re going to make the best of the situation and try to improve, try to get better, try to improve. I don’t have different words to say that. We’ll just try to improve and get better and we’ll try to do that on a day-to-day basis. We’ll string good days together and a lot of the onus is on them, individually, to train and work out.”

Of course, every coach in the league wants to get facetime with their players in the meeting room and on the field, but that has not been possible thus far. This is especially important for incoming rookies such as QB Tua Tagovailoa who will be competing for a starting position this summer.

“The rookies in general, I think they’ve all, based on what we can do, they’ve all done a good job. They’re all in meetings, they’re all learning, they’re all doing everything they can possibly do to pick up the information, to train,” said Flores. “Quite honestly, it’s hard not to have your hands on them. Specific to Tua, he’s working hard, he’s picking up the information; but you want to get your hands on them, quite honestly. I think they are all doing a good job. I think they all have a long way to go. Again, specific to the injury, I haven’t seen him. Our doctors haven’t seen him. To give you any information on that or try to, I shouldn’t do that. I hope that answers your question.”

Installing a new offense under offensive coordinator Chan Gailey

While no one knows if Tua will be the starting quarterback come Week 1, we do know that he will eventually be handed the keys to the franchise. One player that the team hopes Tua will be able to connect with is tight end Mike Gesicki.

Like Tua, and all other offensive players on the team, Gesicki is learning a new offense, which is a challenge in itself when everyone can meet and practice. But virtually? That becomes a whole different story. Despite that, Gesicki isn’t making any excuses.

“That’s just kind of the times right now, honestly across the league. Everybody’s kind of doing these Zoom meetings, and everybody doesn’t have a new offense to learn; but we are installing a new offense and just kind of learning the ins and the outs. It’s been super productive to be on those Zoom meetings and be able to talk to our new offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey, and kind of be able to talk with ‘Fitz’ (Ryan Fitzpatrick), being that he’s played in this kind of system before, and then being in our meetings with George Godsey, our tight ends coach. He’s done a great job talking us through the run game, the pass game, our role in pass protections and run game – all the phases that come with playing tight end. Honestly, it’s been really productive and I think that a lot of guys have been able to grasp the information that’s thrown at them so far.”

Ryan Fitzpatrick explains the challenges of virtual learning

Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is hoping to be the starting quarterback in Week 1, also explained some of the challenges of learning a new offense with players and coaches spread thousands of miles apart.

“I think every team is probably doing it a little differently; but some of it you have to rely on guys to do some studying away from those calls at home. I think one of the things that we have found – this is new for everybody so it’s still a work in progress for us – but the one thing we’ve found is instead of having humongous meetings where it’s the whole offense, or the whole team, being able to break it down to individual groups and have a couple of groups in a Zoom at the same time where there can be open and fluid conversations and questions, that’s been the most effective for us.

Really breaking it down into small groups and having an open forum and having guys ask questions. I think because of the setting we’re in, guys will be a little bit more free to ask questions and maybe not as shy to chime in or to raise their hand virtually – the different things you can do. I think they have been pretty productive. I don’t think it’s been perfect by any means and I’d much rather do it in person; but we’re doing the best we can and I think they have been productive.”

Others on the team, including the likes of Bobby McCain and Davon Godchaux, have all echoed the same sentiments when it comes to getting ready for the season through a virtual world. One thing is for sure – the Dolphins are not going to be making any excuses leading up to the 2020 NFL season.

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