Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones: Grade 97 

In reality, there’s not a wrong answer when asking which of the top three receivers is the best in the game. Thomas is the flashy young guy, Hopkins is the most consistent and Julio Jones hasn’t been under the 1,000-yard mark since 2013. Honestly, all three deserve to be ranked in the same category if you asked most fans. 

Jones is still playing at a No.1 level, yet his ranking places him third entering the year. With numbers comparable to Thomas and Hopkins in categories that matter, this is one of those times the creators wanted controversy. Yes, there’s an argument that Jones is still the best in the game, making him worth entering the “99 Club” alongside his NFC South counterpart. 

Verdict: Too low

Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill: Grade 96 

Slowly but surely, Tyreek Hill is making a case to be the leader of the secondary-tier receivers. Granted, while he doesn’t possess the size and strength of the trio listed above, Cheetah’s speed is a killer against his target in coverage. In four years with Kansas City, Hill has tallied over 280 catches for 4,115 yards and 32 touchdowns on offense, tacking on another four in the return game. 

Hill is the fastest player in the NFL with his game speed, thus earning the 99 average. While his strength might be a little too high, there’s no denying his overall ability to make an impact is worthy of a high score. Until proven otherwise, Hill has earned the No.4 spot thanks to his special team contributions. 

Verdict: Just right 

Dallas Cowboys WR Amari Cooper: Grade 93 

The overall top 10 receivers could rotate around seasonally. This past year, Amari Cooper certainly made his case for remaining inside top five conversation. Entering his first full season in Dallas, the 26-year-old shined with Dak Prescott, collecting 79 catches off 119 targets for his fourth 1,000-yard season to begin his career. 

The Cowboys will keep him as part of their long-term plan after a five-year, $100 million extension this offseason. Certainly faster than Davante Adams and perhaps a more reliable pass-catcher near the sideline, a 93 is a quality rating for the Alabama product. If anything, names like Godwin, Evans, and Keenan Allen should be in the same category after their sound seasons last year. 

Verdict: Just right 

New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley: Grade 91 

Saquon Barkley had a sophomore slump last season after taking the NFL by storm in 2018. Then again, he played hurt, behind an abysmal offensive line, and still managed to put up over 1,400 yards while scoring eight times. 

The former No.2 pick finished with 2,000 total yards during his rookie campaign while scoring 15 touchdowns. The offense also was going through a quarterback change and had a head coach halfway out the door. Granted, even on his worst day, Barkley is a top-three runner in the NFL. To have him anything below a 95 is just laughable. 

Verdict: WAY too low 

Philadelphia Eagles RB Miles Sanders: Grade 80

In an offense that was adding players off the street, Miles Sanders was a star during his rookie season. The former backup to Barkley became his own man with the Eagles, finishing with 818 yards and averaged 4.8 yards per run. In the passing game, Sanders finished with more yards and catches than any receiver listed on the roster. 

Sanders’ 70 catch rating might as well be a joke after last season, as should his 55 pass blocking. While one season on an injured roster certainly isn’t enough to garner a top-10 ranking, Derrius Guice and Kerryon Johnson are ranked higher after missing significant time the past two seasons. That’s all that needs to be said entering his second year for the former Nittany Lion. 

Verdict: Too low 

Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald: Grade 99 

There’s one player in the NFL that matches the importance to a team like Aaron Donald, and he was just paid half a billion dollars. Since entering the league, the former Pitt star has proven to be the next great all-around defender. The five-time All-Pro is dangerous against the run, has the speed to win off the edge, and is a consistent pass rusher no matter where he lines up. 

Donald wears 99 like his raking, but probably should be one of two players with a perfect grade. 

Verdict: Too low 

Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey: Grade 99  

Three players in NFL history are members of the 1,000/1,000 club; McCaffery is one of them. A rare blend of speed, agility, power, and hands, the former top 10 pick can win in the trenches or on the outside as a receiving threat. Remember when fans thought Le’Veon Bell was the all-around top back? They were just lighting a fire under McCaffery for the future. 

Verdict: Just right 

New England Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore: Grade 99 

Cornerbacks are becoming a top-three position to covet in the NFL. While the Patriots offense might stumble out the gate, their pass defense is still electrifying thanks to Stephon Gilmore’s presence. In three years at Foxborough, the former Bill defender has been a nightmare in coverage for opposing receivers to beat. After becoming the first cornerback since Charles Woodson to take home Defensive Player of the Year, Gilmore’s earned the right to be in the 99 Club. 

Verdict: Just right 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady: Grade 90 

Brady will go down in history as the G.O.A.T until Mahomes takes over in 2052. There’s no denying that with better weapons and a decent offensive line, the six-time Super Bowl winner will have two more years to hoist at least one more Lombardi Trophy. That said, would you take a 43-year-old Brady over Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, and Dak Prescott at this point? I didn’t think so either.

Verdict: Too high 

Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky: Grade 72  

Two years ago, Mitchell Trubisky helped the Bears win the NFC North and was playing in a Pro Bowl. Now, he’s fighting to keep the starting job in the Windy City against Nick Foles. After what could only be called the setback of a lifetime, Trubisky enters the upcoming Madden season as the 30th ranked quarterback. 

Trubisky’s struggles lay in his passing to the left, along with his decision-making skills. Grading out with an 81, 76, and 79 in overall accuracy might be serviceable if you’re only including the right side. However, his 88 throw power is the same as Denver’s Drew Lock, who has been credited for having a cannon of an arm. Sorry Mitch, hit the bench once again. 

Verdict: Too high 

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